Why Argan Oil is the Only Skincare Product You Need?

When we talk about argan oil, the first thing that comes to mind is shiny and bouncy hair. However, this ‘miracle’ oil also offers wonderful skin benefits, making it one of the key ingredients that cosmetics and skincare brands use on their products.

What really makes it so special? Why is it a common ingredient among beauty products—from make-up removers and face wipes to lipsticks and foundations?

1. It suits all skin types
Regardless of your skin type, argan oil works well for you. Dry skin gals can benefit a lot from its moisturizing properties. But what’s more amazing is that even oily skin girls can enjoy its skincare properties. It’s balmy and non-greasy texture makes it easy for the skin to absorb the oil without clogging the pores. Those with sensitive skin, as long as it is 100% argan, there shouldn’t be problems with pimples, textures and redness of the face when using this beauty oil.

2. It’s a natural eye cream
Because it’s natural, 100% argan oil can be safely used around the eyes—the most delicate part of the face. Its vitamin E content can help reduce fine lines and dark circles. While a drop of this oil is enough to cover both eyes, you can mix it with a drop of other natural ingredients to make a more effective eye serum.

3. It can be used day and night
Argan oil is light and moisturizing enough to be used as a daytime moisturizer, underneath your make-up; and hydrating and rich enough to be used as a night time serum. That’s two products for the price of one!

4. It also conditions the lashes
Argan oil is great for the hair, so why not use them on your lashes as well (and on the brows, too!)? It can serve as conditioner and growth-boosting agent to help your lashes grow longer and thicker. Warm a drop of argan oil between your fingers and rub it gently onto the lashes. If you have clean mascara wand, you can use it to comb and evenly apply the oil onto your lashes.

5. It’s a multi-tasker
Is your vanity overcrowded with bottles, tubs and sprays of different products for different purposes—all for the love of flawless skin? If so, invest in top-quality argan oil, which can replace most of your skincare products. Argan oil is an effective day and night serum, eye serum, anti-aging agent, aftershave balm, lip balm and acne-treatment—all in one bottle!

So go ahead! Run to the nearest Sephora or your favourite skincare boutique and grab yourself a bottle of this miracle, all-in-one oil.

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