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Halal Food App Launched in Singapore

Muslims abound in Singapore therefore it is important to cater to their every need, especially when it comes to food. This is why halal foods are becoming more popular not only in Singapore, but also in other parts of the globe.


A positive news for people who enjoy halal food- a company based in Singapore has just launched a smartphone application that encourages and enables Muslim travelers and food enthusiasts to share their Halal restaurant discoveries from around the world.

Halal is the term used to refer to food and other products that adhered to Islamic requirements as mandated by Islamic Sharia law.

The app, called “HalalTrip” is free and available on both Apple iOS and Android gadgets. The app lets the users snap photos of the Halal cuisines, upload it and then share it through their various social media accounts.


When you click the said photo, more details about the dish and where it can be found are displayed to inform others who are interested. The application is available in two interfaces- English and Arabic. An added feature also uses the location of the user to display various Halal foods that are served in restaurants near them.

HalalTrip is affiliated with a Muslim-oriented business company called CrescentRating since the application’s chief executive is also part of the said business group.

This app is very helpful especially for travelling Muslims who are concerned with what they are eating when they travel to other countries. The app shows them various halal food choices that they can enjoy even in another land.


6 Important Objectives of IT Services in Businesses

Since the early 80s, with the first development of computer desktops, Information Technology (IT) services have been a part of the growth of the economy. Singapore companies depend so much in their IT infrastructure for faster communication and data processing. IT plays an important role in almost any industry, helping businesses improve their business processes, promote growth, achieve cost effectiveness, and maintain a significant advantage in the market.

businessman with laptop in network server room

Product Development
IT services help save time in making new services and items to top the market. Organizations can compose item reports by soliciting market intelligence from databases, clients and sales agents. Computerized designs and manufacturing programs speed up the process, while collaborative systems in Singapore permit different teams from distant places to work on a product’s different components simultaneously. From conceptualizing products to supporting customers with their product concerns, information technology aids businesses to quickly respond to clientele requirements.

Process Improvement
Another major goal of IT services companies like in Singapore is to provide innovative processes to their business clients. Resource planning systems lets managers review sales, expenses, and other operational metrics in one integrated platform. An automated system can already replace a number of finance systems, human resources, and other utilitarian schemes, therefore, resulting to a more efficient and cost-effective internal processes.

Investor Relations
Investor relations is another important objective of IT services. With the use of global connectivity, a customer service call originating from U.S. may end up in a call center company based in the Philippines, where a customer service representative could search for relevant information from servers based in company head office in Germany, Texas, or in any other place. Many Singapore companies use investor relations online sites to communicate with their research analysts, stakeholders, and other market members.


Competitive Advantage
Cost investment funds, product development, and procedure enhancements help organizations enhance and maintain significant advantage in the commercial center. For instance, if a smartphone brand launches a new cellphone model with a more advanced operating system and touch-screen features, the contenders should be able to follow suit with the same or more innovative smartphone features. Organizations can utilize quick prototyping, programming mockups, and other IT-based frameworks to put up a new product in the market quickly and cost effectively.

Despite the fact that the introductory IT implementation expenses can quite expensive, the long-term savings it brings to the company are typically worth every dollar spent. IT services allow organizations to decrease execution and transaction costs. For instance, the expense of a PC unit today is just a fraction of its worth in the early 80s, and yet the operating systems are impressively more capable. IT-based solutions, from word documents to email, have permitted organizations to save on the expenses of postage and duplication, while enhancing and looking after item quality and client management.

Businesses that operate in an intense and competitive industry generally have the budgetary flexibility to promote growth locally and globally. Information technology is the core of operating scheme essential for globalization, like outsourcing and telecommunication. An organization can outsource the majority of its noncore functions, and use network advancements to stay in contact with its overseas representatives, clients and suppliers.


The First ‘Self-Cleaning’ Car

You often go to car wash stations to clean your cars. Sometimes, if you are cost cutting, you do the cleaning. Cleaning the car is a meticulous job and it takes professionals to thoroughly clean it. What if the car has the equipment to self-clean? Yes, you heard it right. The very first ‘self-cleaning’ car has arrived.


With this technology, you will not spend money to get a professional car wash. You will soon say goodbye to car washes. Nissan came up with this idea. Though it is still a prototype, the consumers are interested and excited for its mass production. Here are the things that you need to know about the ‘self-cleaning’ car:


  • Dry technology: Nissan is the first automobile company that utilizes dry technology. Dry technology uses the Nano-paint coating which can prevent things from sticking to the car. Dry technology can respond to various weather conditions like rain, snow, sleet and frost.
  • The prototype test: It is the Nissan Versa Note which is used for the prototype testing. Dry technology is an add-on feature (since it can be painted). You can choose to upgrade your car or you can simply buy a new one with dry technology feature.
  • Where it will be initially tested: In the coming months, Nissan will test it initially in Europe particularly at the European Technical Centre located in Cranfield, United Kingdom. The technology will be available to the market soon.

There you go. You do not need to personally clean your car or bring it to car wash stations anymore. With this technology, life will be easier and better.


The Most Common Mistakes When You are Setting Up a Wireless Network

If you want to join the hype, you can consider setting up a wireless network in your home or your workplace. Here in Singapore, almost all households and offices set up wireless network for faster and trouble-free transactions. If you want a wireless network, you should call the technician or experts right away and let them do the work.


If you want to challenge yourself, you can actually set up your wireless network. You only need to follow the instructions given. Regardless of what you choose, you should expect bumps along the road. It is important that you know the common mistakes when setting up a wireless network so when it is your time to do it, you will not encounter any troubles.

Here are the most common mistakes when you are setting up a wireless network:

Setting the router in the wrong place

You have to know that the place is important. You have to place your router and your modem in a place that is not enclosed. Concrete walls particularly blocks the signal. You cannot get a good signal if this happens. You have to look for a good place to put your router and modem.

Disabled wi-fi

You think everything was taken care of but you realized that you smartphone cannot access the wi-fi. You get angry and frustrated. Before anything else, have you checked the wi-fi button? Is it abled or disabled?


Not knowing the difference of WPA and WEP

If you are setting your wireless network, you have to know the difference of WPA and WEP. WPA and WEP both speak about security but there is a difference. WEP secures your connection but it can be easily penetrated by hackers. WPA is a higher level of security . You have to make sure that it is WPA.


If you notice, there are two spectrums of routers when you are setting your network. There’s 2.5 GHz and 5GHz. When you configure your network, be sure to set it in 5GHz because it is much faster. You have to be conscious of the place though because concrete walls can easily block it.

Predictable passwords

You have to stay away from predictable passwords. You have to ensure that no “intruder” can access your connection. You should set up a password but you have to stay away from common or predictable passwords like 1234.

It is important that you make sure your wi-fi connection is properly working. Here in Singapore, you can find many stores that offer routers. You can also find many ISP (Internet Service Provider) with different services and products. Good luck on setting it up!