The Different Types of Razors You Can Use to Keep Your Face Smooth and Stubble-Free

While a long set of whiskers and a full, bushy beard is often seen as a sign of masculinity, a clean shave is often a sign of good grooming habits, professionalism, and a specific eye for detail in the workplace.

In a busy office or corporate setting, the former is often more desired, which gives shaving a priority in a man’s life. There are many different kinds of razors to achieve this close shave, each of which have their own pros and cons.

Disposable Razors
Disposable razors should really only be used in the case of emergencies when there are no other alternatives. They’re only good for the first one or two shaves, and are meant to be disposed and not kept for longer use.

This is because their blades are made of flimsy steel and are permanently attached to the rest of the razor, which means that they can’t be replaced.

Cartridge Razors
Cartridge razors are the most popular razors to hit the market and for good reason – their razors consist of a flexible center that lets itself follow the shape of your face. These types of razors also have replaceable cartridges, which can contain up to six blades per cartridge.

However, cartridge razors also happen to be the some of the most expensive in terms of long-term costs. Even though the blades are replaceable, their costs can definitely take a mounting toll on your wallet.

Safety Razors
Safety razors used to be marketed as an alternative in shaving that prevents accidents, which is why they only have one edge. They often consist of a metal head and a permanent handle, with one razor blade with two sharp edges clamped tightly in the head.

While they are safe, they can take some time to get used to, as safety razors can give you different small nicks and cuts when if you’re not careful.

Straight Razors
Its sharp blade can give you the closest shave while at the same time being the most cost-effective option, and can even last you for the rest of your life provided that you strop and hone it regularly to keep its edge.

And because it’s so sharp, it can even cause you serious injuries if you’re not careful and/or skilled enough to use it.

Electric Razors
Every man who is a regular traveler or is constantly on-the-go can certainly use one of these because of the convenience they provide. They can last for as many uses as possible, and can be used even without shaving cream or a bathroom sink and mirror.

However, they can’t exactly give you that close shave and many men often complain of having irritated skin after using them.

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