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5 Signs of Unhealthy Hair

Your locks may look healthy in front of the mirror, but think again. Your hair might be sending you some subtle signs that it’s in extreme need of your tender loving care. Clueless of these signs? Then here are five common signs that you might have an unhealthy hair.


1.       Extreme Hair Loss. Losing about a hundred hair strands every day is a sign that your hair is healthy. By losing this much hair, your scalp is able to regenerate new hair strands. But it’s another story if you’re shedding much hair than that. Excessive hair loss is a sign of an unhealthy hair that may be caused by too much stress or a symptom of a medical condition, so it would be best to talk it out with your doctor.

2.       Hair Strand Breaks Easily. One good sign that you have a healthy and elastic hair is that you’re able to stretch your strands like a rubber band without breaking it. But if your hair tends to break easily, then you’d have to stay away from too much heat, poor diet and hair brushes, especially when your strands are wet.

3.       Strands Get Tangled Easily. Do you always find yourself freeing your brush from tangles of hair? If so, then it’s a clear sign that your shafts are dry and unhealthy, causing your strands to snag easily. If you have a hair that’s smooth from the shafts to the ends, then you don’t need to put up a fight to detangle or just to comb it.


4.       Hair Sticks Out on Rainy Days. One clear sign of healthy hair is having a tamed hair even on the rainy days. Regardless of your hair type, our tresses love moisture, which is why humidity shouldn’t result to a bad hair day. If you constantly experience hair frizz, then perform a double check on your hair products as they might not be the right product for your hair.

5.       Itchy Scalp. Healthy hair is only achievable by having a healthy scalp. So if you’re suffering from scalp dryness and flaking, it could only mean that you’re not washing your scalp enough or you’re using the wrong type of shampoo. Don’t worry though, as this flaky problem can be easily remedied by properly caring for your scalp and using the right product.

The hair is every woman’s crowning glory, which is why it’s important that you take good care of your strands. Use the right product, live a healthy lifestyle and watch how lovely your locks can become.


5 Airplane Beauty Habits Every Jetsetter Woman Should Practise

Travelling is undeniably fun, but the plane ride? Not that much, especially for your skin. Your skin often takes most of the serious beating in long haul flights. Ever noticed how dry your skin becomes and how chapped your lips are after your flight? Well, that’s because of the dry air inside the plane. No need to worry though, as you can now make your next flight more bearable by practising these beauty habits.


1.       Keep Your Makeup Light. Even if you’re the type who takes hundreds of selfies before landing on your destination, it would still be best to keep your face au naturel. In fact, the only important thing that you should slather on your light are your moisturizer and SPF. If you’re still going to wear some makeup, just keep it light as much as possible.

2.       Pack Facial Wipes. If you really need to wear makeup during your flight, ensure that you take it off before snoozing in your flight. You can do this by using facial wipes to remove any trace of makeup and then apply a dollop of your moisturizer afterwards. If possible, it would also be a great idea to give yourself a sponge bath and sanitize your personal space in the plane.

3.       Hydrate Your Skin and Internal System. We all know that there’s less moisture in the plane when it is way up in the air, and this often results to drier air and chapped lips. Luckily, this can be avoided by simply slathering your moisturizer on your skin and applying your favourite lip balm. It would also be a good idea to keep yourself well-hydrated while flying, so don’t hesitate to ask for water refills even after meal service is over.


4.       Deep Condition Your Hair Beforehand. The best way to keep hair frizz at bay while flying is to give your locks some deep conditioning treatment pre-flight. If you feel like your hair is getting dry while still on board, simply apply a dollop of your leave-in conditioner to keep your strands moisturized.

5.       Sanitize Frequently. Flight attendants don’t always have the luxury of time to clean the seats and lavatory of the plane, which is why it really pays to sanitize yourself all the time. While on board, make it a habit to wash your hand whenever you can. Also, use paper towels to handle the lavatory door latch, and keep a small bottle of sanitizer handy for the times when you don’t have access to water and soap.

Although you have such limited time to attend to your beauty needs when you’re in a long haul flight, it’s important to remember these tips to ensure that your skin and hair stay healthy even after hours of being above ground.


6 Tricks to Easily Remove Your Makeup

With all the various rules in the beauty world, there’s one rule that we’re told to never ever break – removing any trace of makeup before going to bed. While you may think that it’s alright to leave your shadows on even for just a night, failing to remove your makeup will only cause you a lot of problems other than a product pile-up on your pillows. To help you, we’ve rounded up some tricks that will help you in removing your makeup the right way.


1.       Using makeup remover wipes are not enough.

Although it may seem like using makeup remover wipes is the easiest way to remove any makeup traces, they actually don’t do the job completely. They only remove the product that’s on your skin’s surface, which isn’t good when it comes to makeup removal. If you’re still planning to use these wipes, use them as the first step to remove most of your makeup, then completely remove the makeup using your favourite cleanser.

2.       Keep your hair firmly tied up before removing your makeup.

Putting your hair into a ponytail or a bun is actually essential in removing your makeup. Tying your hair up will expose your hairline, which you should thoroughly clean since most makeup residue tend to build up in the said area.

3.       Make sure to always perform a double-cleanse.

When cleansing your face off any makeup, doing a double-cleanse is the way to go. Your first wash will remove most of the makeup, while the second round will be meant to properly clean your skin. Also, use your second cleanse to massage your face to keep your complexion glowing and healthy.


4.       Start cleansing with your lips.

An effective makeup removal process is done in steps and this starts with cleansing your lips. Whether you’re sporting a bright or nude shade, neither will look good when they’re smeared across your face. So avoid any future messes, by removing your lip colour first.

5.       Remove your eye makeup next.

The most important thing that you should remember in removing your eye shadow is that the skin around your eyes are very delicate and thin, which is why you should avoid rubbing your lids and clean it gently instead. To get a good cleanse, soak a cotton pad with an eye makeup remover and gently pat in onto your eyes. This will loosen up your eye makeup, making it easier for you to softly swipe any residue away.

6.       Try using steam to remove your makeup.

Take your makeup removal process a step further by using some steam. Soak a washcloth in hot water, let it cool for a couple of minutes, and then place it over face. The steam in the washcloth will help in opening up your pores and in removing makeup residues on your skin.

Regardless if you are too tired to change your clothes, let alone wash your face before going to bed, properly removing your makeup at night will surely give you a healthy, glowing skin.


5 Fashion Habits That Are Definitely Worth Breaking

Dressing up is both fun and hard. From keeping up with the trends, to cultivating your own style and preventing your bank account from turning to red. However, losing sight of the significant factors to consider when it comes to fashion, and falling into the bad habit pothole can be quite easy. So before you end up maxing out your credit card, here are five fashion habits that you should start breaking now.


1.       Purchasing an item because it’s on sale.

Buying an item that’s on sale won’t really save you some bucks if you’re not actually going to wear that particular item. A good solution to this? Don’t let the discounted prices sway you. Although this is easier said than done, fight off the impulse to buy clothing pieces that are on sale. Instead, examine the item and decide whether you’ll really wear it on a day-to-day basis. If not, then might as well place it back on the rack and simply leave the store.

2.       Investing on the wrong items.

Certain buys just don’t make worthy investments. So be wise with where you spend your dough and be realistic as to what really marks as an important item purchase for you. As much as possible, stick to classic pieces that lasts forever, but don’t deny yourself of the joy to splurge on an item that you personally think is a worthy investment. Just remember to wisely spend your money on the things that you really need and not on the things that you just want.

3.       Not having your own signature look.

Experimenting on style is good, but having your signature look and style is much better. Not only will having a go-to look make it easier for you to standout and shop for clothing pieces, it’ll also prevent you from impulsively buying items that you won’t really wear.


4.       Buying clothing items because you just feel like it.

Buying a particular item just because you were swayed by a Singapore fashion expert’s advice is one of the bad habits that you should start breaking now. Instead of completely following fashion advices and suggestions, filter each of them and decide as to which advice is most beneficial for you.

5.       Following each and every fashion rule that you know.

Following every do’s and don’ts in fashion is a habit that’s really worth breaking. Just because you happen to read an article criticizing the socks-on-sandals look doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t look good on you. A great advice from Singapore trendsetters is that every time you see a “don’t” fashion rule, try considering it for yourself. You’ll never know how good it might look on you, and you might even find your signature look.

Breaking a habit can be really difficult at first. However, breaking these fashion habits will definitely prove beneficial both for your wallet and in developing your personal style.