Dessert Go-to’s to Beat the Heat in Singapore

Anyone in Singapore, locals and foreigners alike, constantly look for ways to beat the heat. You can go to the beach and take a swim, or you can go to airconditioned malls to shop (or window shop). But if you want to just sit down and chill, there’s no better way to keep cool than to have a nice cold ice kachang. Being one of the staple desserts in Singapore, you can easily find ice kachangs and other cool desserts in food halls and hawkers centres.

Here are some the best places to get your fill:

Jin Jin Hot and Cold Dessert

Jin Jin Hot and Cold Dessert is famously known for their “Gangster Ice”. Liu Mang Bing is a shortened Chinese term that basically translates as Durian/Mango Ice. Liu Mang, coincidentally, means gangster in Chinese hence the name of the dessert. This then has served as a great marketing strategy for Jin Jin. But make no mistake, the Liu Mang Bing is a great dessert to have given the mango cubes, the sweet durian puree, and the condensed milk covering the shaved ice. They also have another famous iced sweet dessert called Power Chendol which is definitely a must-try as well.

Mei Heong Yuan Dessert

What sets Mei Heong Yuan’s ice kachang apart from others is the shaved ice itself. They use a more high-tech ice shaving machine that produces thinner ice than the traditional ones. There are times when the shaved ice can get gritty and rough, but not here. Once you try their ice kachang, you’ll immediately notice the difference in texture and smoothness of their shaved ice with that of other stalls. Two of their famous ice kachangs are the sesame-almond shaved ice and the mango shaved ice.

Annie’s Peanut Ice Kachang

If you’re tired of having the same kind of ice kachang, you should try Annie’s Peanut Ice Kachang. If you’re wondering what’s different, it’s in the name. That’s right, peanuts! Here, ground peanuts are added to the ice kachang. You might say that that sounds like it isn’t much but wait ‘til you try it. Because peanuts are not a common addition to ice kachangs, you’ll have quite a new experience. The ground peanuts add a certain crunchiness along with the sweetness of other toppings.

Dove Desserts

Though Dove Desserts have ice kachang, they are better known for their chendol. In fact, a lot of people say they have some of the best chendol in Singapore. Chendol is an iced dessert that contains green rice flour jelly, coconut milk, and gula melaka or palm sugar syrup. Those three key ingredients are highlighted here in Dove Desserts. The homemade green jelly has the gentle taste and scent of pandan with a soft and bouncy texture. The coconut milk and the gula melaka are also fresh and definitely superior in quality.

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