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How to Choose a Quality Cutlery Set for Your Kitchen

Cutlery isn’t something that you need to buy more than a few times in your life, and since you’ll be using it nearly every day, it’s important to find a set that’s not only high quality, but is also something that should be easy to hold and use. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when looking for that particular set that works for you and your kitchen:

1.  Think classics

First and foremost, utensils need to be functional. While you can easily find many modern sets that look amazing in the kitchen you have in mind, they may not always be completely functional or even ergonomic. You should also keep in mind that the utensils you have shouldn’t feel weird to hold food or eat with, and with a classic set of cutlery, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

2.  Find sets that will be in production for a long time

Don’t settle for trend-driven cutlery sets – what you want in a complete set of cutlery is that it’s one that will be around for a long time. The reason for this is that trend-driven pieces or sets tend to be out of stock after a certain period (think a few months after they come out on shelves) and it’s likely that you won’t be able to find a replacement if something gets lost, dulled, or becomes unusable.

Even if you’re buying the same brand as your parents did, check the metal quality to see if it hasn’t changed – many brands do this in order to cut corners, and can make your cutlery set look and feel inconsistent as a result.

3.  Order the knives separately

Sometimes, you will have to accept that even though the spoons and forks look nice and are great to hold, the cooking or chef’s knives that come with the set aren’t as good in terms of quality. This is because knives used in cooking dishes are something else entirely. They are made of different metals than forks and spoons and need to be re-sharpened, and a good multi-purpose knife can easily cost a good amount of your budget.

4.  Take time with the purchase

When it comes to building up your collection or set, it’s also really important to take into account the time it will take in collecting the pieces you need. This is because there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to find everything that works well together visually and aesthetically, as well as in terms of ergonomics.

You should especially make sure to compare different brands to one another when you’re contemplating buying a full set in one purchase. Take a close look at each of the utensils and see whether they work together as a set or not.

5 Tell-Tale Signs You’re an Old Soul Stuck in a Young Person’s Body

In today’s world, there’s a special type of individual who finds themselves eerily different from others. It is likely that this person’s way of thinking is more mature and reasonable than most people of the same age. They do not have the same interests as the people of their same generation.

Do you feel isolated most of the times or feel like you can relate more to mature individuals? If this seems like a common scenario for you, you might be an old soul.

1. Your friends often call you ‘boring’
Well, not blatantly calling you ‘boring’ straight to your face. But you know that your friends see you that way. It’s not your fault that you feel like staying indoors and reading a book is more pleasurable than going bar hopping. You already know that they will wake up with terrible hang over, so why would you even want to be in the same awful situation?

2. You’re probably single
The fact that you think and act differently will make it difficult for a potential partner of the same age to relate to and understand them. There are exceptions, of course, but for most of them, it’s challenging to find a partner. The best news, however, is that you’re less likely be single when you get older, since people naturally develop ‘old souls’ in them over time. But during your younger years, expect the dating game to be tough.

3. Everyone asks for your advice
You seem to know how things work even if you haven’t done it before, and you often hear people say ‘how do you know that?’ The trust is, you just know but clueless how you knew it. Your friends having love problems or are in quarter-life crisis come running to you for advice. Although they always freak out by your prophetic powers to predict outcomes and provide impressive solutions, they trust your authenticity wholeheartedly.

4. You want meaning to the things you do
You desire for more understanding and seek meaningful reasons for things. You are not interested in buying the latest gadgets, waste your time on Facebook or go out clubbing with acquaintances. You see life as a mission to feel things more deeply and that it should be spent on more significant things.

5. You’re calm under pressure.
While everyone around you is stressed out, you’re not. When things don’t work as plan for you, you remain calm. You see everything as part of life and that everything happens for a reason. You know and understand that there’s something to be learned in every misfortune. Likewise, you do not want any drama and you know how to handle it when it does arise.

For old souls, it is not about getting into the bandwagon; it is about creating your own trail and dedicating your time and energy on more precious things—something that people of your generation won’t understand until another decade.

How to Wake Up Refreshed in the Morning

Ever have that experience of instead feeling refreshed in the morning you end up feeling worse than the day before? Well, you’re not the only one. Sleep is important to gain energy needed for the day’s activities. We also want to get enough sleep so that we look great in the morning. The problem is, we may get enough hours of sleep but, sometimes, we still wake up in the morning feeling lethargic and nowhere close to feeling refreshed.


This can be really frustrating and alarming. Where did you go wrong? Well, follow the steps below to guarantee that refreshing feeling when you wake up in the morning.

  • Make a consistent sleeping pattern. When you go to sleep, make sure to do it at the same hour each night. Likewise, wake up in a consistent schedule in the morning. This will help your body get into the sleep cycle, making you sleep easier at night and in turn, feel more energetic in the morning.


  • If possible, avoid eating several hours before sleeping. Taking in food and drinks with caffeine before bed will result to becoming restless and hyper. You would only end up tossing and turning in bed. Avoid eating anything that will keep you up late at night.
  • Eliminate noise or any form of distraction when sleeping. You can close the bedroom door or window to drown out any noises that may come outside. Make sure that the TV is off so as not to distract you from sleeping early or if you are in a really noisy neighborhood, get some earplugs to sleep peacefully at night.


Why You Should Never Send an Email Saying ‘Please Call Me’

When you cannot do it verbally, you do it in written form. This is the reason why email was created and so far, it lives by our expectation. Wherever you are and no matter what time of day, you will surely send and receive email as long as you have an internet connection.


Emails are very useful especially with the right correspondence but sometimes, emails can be taken wrongly like in the case of sending or receiving an email saying ‘Please call me’ without any further details. This is a simple phrase but it holds great power and meaning. It is one of the most annoying and upsetting email one can send or receive.

Those who send it have something important to tell that cannot be tackled through email. Those who receive it will feel a great deal of anxiousness. Other phrases that hold the same weight include ‘I need to speak to you’ or ‘Give me a ring as soon as you get this’. These messages are not helpful at all. In fact, it will put you in a state of restlessness and even agitation.


So, the next time you put the line ‘please call me’ in your subject or body, you have to think twice of what other people might feel. What can you do to put your recipient at ease when they receive your email? You only need to put little details like ‘Please call me. We need to talk about an issue with our project’. That statement will not baffle or provoke the recipient.


The Most Common Mistakes When You are Setting Up a Wireless Network

If you want to join the hype, you can consider setting up a wireless network in your home or your workplace. Here in Singapore, almost all households and offices set up wireless network for faster and trouble-free transactions. If you want a wireless network, you should call the technician or experts right away and let them do the work.


If you want to challenge yourself, you can actually set up your wireless network. You only need to follow the instructions given. Regardless of what you choose, you should expect bumps along the road. It is important that you know the common mistakes when setting up a wireless network so when it is your time to do it, you will not encounter any troubles.

Here are the most common mistakes when you are setting up a wireless network:

Setting the router in the wrong place

You have to know that the place is important. You have to place your router and your modem in a place that is not enclosed. Concrete walls particularly blocks the signal. You cannot get a good signal if this happens. You have to look for a good place to put your router and modem.

Disabled wi-fi

You think everything was taken care of but you realized that you smartphone cannot access the wi-fi. You get angry and frustrated. Before anything else, have you checked the wi-fi button? Is it abled or disabled?


Not knowing the difference of WPA and WEP

If you are setting your wireless network, you have to know the difference of WPA and WEP. WPA and WEP both speak about security but there is a difference. WEP secures your connection but it can be easily penetrated by hackers. WPA is a higher level of security . You have to make sure that it is WPA.


If you notice, there are two spectrums of routers when you are setting your network. There’s 2.5 GHz and 5GHz. When you configure your network, be sure to set it in 5GHz because it is much faster. You have to be conscious of the place though because concrete walls can easily block it.

Predictable passwords

You have to stay away from predictable passwords. You have to ensure that no “intruder” can access your connection. You should set up a password but you have to stay away from common or predictable passwords like 1234.

It is important that you make sure your wi-fi connection is properly working. Here in Singapore, you can find many stores that offer routers. You can also find many ISP (Internet Service Provider) with different services and products. Good luck on setting it up!



The Great Way to Socialize for Koreans

Drinking alcohol in Korea is more than just getting drunk. In Korea, getting drunk is essential when socializing because it takes away all the inhibition and the pretences. Koreans believe that when you go for a drink with a friend, it can get awkward at first especially if you haven’t seen that friend for a long time. If you drink together, after a while, the past relationship you enjoyed will be restored. 10korea550

With this, Poktanju (a Whiskey bomb-drink) and Somaek (combination of Soju and beer) became known. Yun Myung Hui, a sociologist in Korea, had a paper which tackled the “Alcohol Connections in Korean Society”. He pointed out benefits of alcohol in relationships. Here are some benefits of alcohol in relationships:

– Lubricates tarnished relationships. As mentioned earlier, alcohol can restore past relationships. Alcohol will serve as the medium for lubricating dull or stained relationships. Enjoying a drink with a friend or a co-worker will surely restore and strengthen the relationship.

– Soften icy relationships. If you feel that your relationship is getting icy and cold, you can implore the help of alcohol to make it warm. Notice that with alcohol, you seem to forget about unimportant arguments and insignificant bout. You simply enjoy so you talk about good times.

If you visit Korea, do not miss their Somaek. Enjoying Somaek with locals or Korean friends can ease the relationship. Of course, too much of something is not good. Koreans drink only once or twice a week for socialization. Well, there are those that drink every day.


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