Types of People Who Are Great to Travel With

There is nothing wrong in admitting that you love to travel to the point of exhausting all your hard-earned money. Your parents always have this friendly reminder that you save more but you believe that it is wiser to invest in experience more than money. No matter what you believe, it is important that you find people worth travelling with.


If you find people worth travelling with, suddenly money will no longer be an issue. As long as you enjoy each other’s company and do the things that you like most, travelling will be more memorable. But how will you know that a person is worth travelling with? You should at least know the basics. Here are the types of people worth travelling with:

  • The internet-savvy type: If you are not so good with research, it is beneficial to bring along a friend who is internet-savvy. Why? Because she will take you to anywhere. Whether you want to go to an exclusive shop or the humble night market stalls, she will direct you to their lair. Do not worry about getting lost because with this kind of friend, you will always find your way home.


  • The YOLO believer: YOLO means You Only Live Once. There are many Singaporeans who believe in this and therefore do everything they want before regret takes over or worse, before the end of their lifetime. This kind of friends is a true treasure. They will encourage you to experience everything and somehow that is all you need. Expect sky diving, trekking, hiking, camping and many other things. Your trip will surely be memorable.


  • The foodie addict: One fun part of traveling is the tasting of native or local delicacies. If you have a companion who is a foodie addict, you should expect to try the weirdest delicacies there is. The good thing about these people is that they are not very picky when it comes to food.


  • The photographer: You would want a memorable picture with breath-taking views. This is where your photographer friend comes along. They do not need to be a professional photographer. As long as they have the passion, a picture will always turn out to be beautiful.


  • The linguist friend: If you have a friend that is genuinely fascinated with locals and languages, you should never forget to invite him/her. He/she will become your guide book. If you are with this person, learning seems endless.

These kinds of people are excellent travel buddies. Enjoy your trip!


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