The Rule of Guarding your Heart

This may sound so obvious but still we cannot help ourselves to be tempted to do things that will sooner or later break our heart. It is really for prevention is better than cure.


Guard your heart, when someone you like has a girlfriend.

Have you ever experience to like a guy who has a girlfriend already? Then your friends will tell you that it is ok to like him and they even help you to get his attention. They will also assure you that as long as they are not married, you can still have him. Well, that is a lie that everybody believes in. Aside from being iniquitous to the girlfriend, you will surely end up being broken hearted because either ways he will not like you back or if ever you win against the girlfriend, you will always have the fear of him leaving you for someone else. No good relationship starts with ruthless conflicts.



Guard your heart, when someone you like has a wife.

Please, this is really something that every woman should put in her mind. When the guy has a wife already, better leave them alone. Even though he seems like he is your dream guy, you have no right to intercede in their marriage life. Even if the guy likes you also, better control yourself and find ways to get out of the picture.

Guard your heart, when someone you like doesn’t believe on the things that you believe in.

You better invest your feelings to someone who believes on those things that you believe in, for in the long run this is very essential. Let say, you are a Christian and he is not,  how will you tell him that you have to cancel your movie date because you have to  go to a church mates house to have  a bible study? He might not understand why you should do those kinds of things.


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