The Dating Etiquette for Men: How to Have a Great Dinner Date

No matter how confusing and complicated today’s dating scene may be, there are basic rules that remain alive and can make or break one’s potential relationship. While various dating approaches are practiced in Singapore today, speed dating for example, the traditional dinner date still counts the most. Having good manners is crucial for men, whom ladies expect to still possess a spirit of chivalry. Therefore, it pays to review the basics of making a simple dinner date a success.


1. Let your date talk. When your date is talking, allow her to share her thoughts and, most importantly, let her finish her sentences. This basic rule is often overlooked as a lot of men insert their comments in the middle of their partner’s sentences, criticize her opinions, and adamantly present points of view that are counter to that of their partners. Make her feel that you are genuinely interested in what she has to say and that you listen. Make the effort to observe how you talk and react to your date, if you catch yourself making whiny comments while interrupting her then, please, by all means, make a change.

2. Keep your phone away. Refraining from using your phone while on a date is a golden rule and etiquette for everybody, especially for men. This is not only a sign of courtesy but of gratitude too. You see, a woman decided to spend her precious time with you when she can actually be doing something else or out with someone else! But she chose to be with you and that is something you should be thankful for. So, men, breaking the eye contact just to check your phone isn’t only being disrespectful but you are making her feel that you are bored or maybe you can’t wait to end the date because you’re running after something else.

3. Ask her questions. A date was invented to know someone you are interested in better. Make use of it by asking about her, maybe her interests, experiences or opinion. In that way, you will probably learn how cool she is or that she isn’t the one you can actually be with. But you’ll never get to that state of conclusion if you don’t ask about her. Of course you are entitled to talk about yourself and when you do, talk positively and be interesting but do not lie. And when you are through talking about yourself, get back to asking her.


4. Offer to pay. To start with, from the time you mustered the courage to ask her, “May I take you out on a dinner?” the agreement has been established…you were the one who invited her out to a dinner. Later, when the check arrives, offer to pay the bill politely and if she asks you if you want to split it, you can say “No, that’s really nice of you but I invited you out.” Well, it could end there but if she insists, you can ask if she’s certain about it and wait… if she confirms, carefully muster the control and grace to say, “alright, thank you.”

5. Compliment her looks. You both know it’s going to be a date and women, will surely prepare and stare in front of a mirror for an extensive period to look good. So, when you meet her, float some genuine and respectful, “you look great!” for sure, she really does. After all, it’s a date and it’s normal to be flirty, charming and fun, so strike that and make a positive impression!


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