Simple Ways to Seduce Men

Scattered red roses, dim light, lighted candles and sexy music may be the words that come in your mind once you hear the word “seduction.” You are right, for these mentioned seduction techniques are really popular. However, there are other ways to seduce men which are all very simple, and do not need much effort.


Dress up more than your normal pyjamas by wearing sexy lingerie on a very normal night. Make sure to freshen up, and apply some of your fragrant lotions and moisturizers. Tuck your hair in a messy bun showing your nape. According to studies, men are more attracted to women who are showing their necks. Do these before you go to bed, while your partner is in the shower. He will surely be attracted to your smell and your different look.


Tell your partner to sit beside you in your bed, hold his back, and whisper words like “I miss you” or “You look sexy.” Slowly massage his back from his shoulders down to his spine while continuously whispering words of love and desire. The spine has very sensitive nerves which are connected to different parts of the body. This will turn him on.

Another twist would be not waiting for your partner to get out of the shower. What you can do to seduce him is to go in the shower wearing only an oversized shirt. Join him in the shower while the wet shirt traces your body. You do not need to say anything; your action says it all.


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