Secrets to a Healthy Back

You suffer back pains every now and then. It is time that you know the secret to a healthy back to prevent such pain or discomfort from recurring. But before that, you need to know the structure of the back and its causes. The back is composed of a complex structure like muscles, bones, joints and nerves. With this, it is hard to identify the exact reason of the pain.


In most cases, back pain escalated because of wrong posture like during bending, lifting, pulling, pushing, slouching, overstretching, driving and sitting. If the muscle is always overused, it can also cause back pain. Now that you know the causes, you have to do your best to maintain a healthy back because pains can be pretty inconvenient.

Here are the secrets to a healthy back:

  • When standing: When you are standing, the best thing that you should do is to keep your one food forward and then bend the knees slightly. This position will take the pressure off the lower back.


  • When sitting: When you sit, you have to remember that your knees should be slightly elevated than your hips as this can give good back support.


  • When reaching: When reaching, if the thing is above shoulder level, you tend to jump for it. This is not a good practice because it can land you to more serious problems. The best thing to do is to look for a chair or stool and reach for it.


  • When moving items: It is easy to move light things but what if it is heavy? Always keep in mind that pushing is easier than pulling. So, always consider pushing a thing. When pushing, use your legs and arms as a start and if it is heavy, ask for the help of someone.


  • When lifting: When lifting, the critical thing is to always make sure that the object being lifted is close to the body. To lift, start by kneeling on one knee, making sure that the opposite foot is flat on the floor and near the item. Make sure to have a firm grip.


  • When sleeping: When you sleep on your back, you are actually putting about 55 pounds of pressure on it. To lessen the pressure, put a pillow under your needs or if you lie on your side, put pillow between your knees.

Now that you know the secrets, make this your guideline and share to your fellow. Here in Singapore, your back endures a lot of blows because of your everyday activities so you have to take care of it. One mistake of many is they ignore their backs. Do not be like them.


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