Road Trip: Check Out the New VW Camper Van

As you plan for your next adventure, you may already consider to hire VW camper van to use in your road trip. If you are still thinking of what to do while you are traveling, check on this list to turn the long and boring hours into a fun-filled trip:


Play an exciting Truth or Dare

It will really be a thrilling trip if you decide on to play Truth or Dare. As you wait before reaching your next destination through the VW camper van hire Singapore vehicle that you have chosen, this is a great activity to kill time. Whatever your friends or loved ones chooses between the two, expect to see a mixture of various reactions which can make everyone participate in this activity.

Imagine if one selects Truth, his family members or friends may start to ask questions regarding his secrets or hilarious memories of his past. On the other hand, if he opts to have Dare, it will test his guts and bravery of the action that he needs to do in lieu of the dare. Each that will take part in this game will have something great to recall.

Enjoy different games

Place the phones, tablets, and other gadgets on the sides first. To have a quality bonding moment with the friends, colleagues and family members while heading for your camping escapade after you hire vw camper van, you may consider of thinking of other leisure activities too such as the various board games. Develop a sharper mind and critical thinking through chess. How about playing board games which involves the use of dice?


Board games with rolling dice are good ways to kill boredom because it test not just the thinking skills of the players but also their luck whenever they have their turn in the game. In addition, the players may not even notice that the time is passing as the game may take for a while because of the twists within it.

Have a jamming session with everyone

Going to a place where there are few or no people at all is a great way to sing the hearts out. No holds barred since it is a convenient time and place to fully sing even at the top of one’s lungs. Also, this bonding time will be better if the group will bring in their guitar or other musical instruments. Before reaching the camping site, they may enjoy first the moment inside through the VW camper van hire Singapore vehicle with this jamming session.

Who are the favourite singers or bands of the group? What are the kinds of genre that everyone prefers? The group can also think of the hit and current songs which gives the last song syndrome and will send everyone into singing up to the end part of the song. The sound of the guitar or other instruments will further make the moment wonderful.

Watch the night sky on top of the camper van

Having an out-of-town trip is best enjoyed if it can be spent for at least three days. During the day time, different activities can be done inside the VW camper van hire Singapore vehicle like the four activities mentioned in the previous part of the article. The good thing is even at the night time, there is an activity which can be tried by the whole group and that is looking at the night sky.

To have the best place in seeing the night sky, the top of the camper van is a relaxing spot for this activity. It is soothing to appreciate the night sky on a serene place and beside the person someone cares for so much. Truly, the camper van is helpful in making the adventure even more wonderful.


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