Reasons behind Cheaters

As much as we want to live honestly here in Singapore, cheating or infidelity still happens and it should be curbed before it infects the whole society. One example of a very common infidelity act is the Ashley Madison’s “have an affair”. This is owned by Avid Life Media, a Canadian company offering a very peculiar service for adultery seekers. Others see it as indecency or immorality while others say otherwise.


To date, Ashley Madison has more than thirty three million users around the world with its catchphrase “Life is short. Have an affair”. However, Ashley Madison recently faced a cyber-attack. “the Impact Team”, a group of hackers want to put it down thereby threatening to leak the private data like customer records, profiles, nude pictures, real names, addresses, credit card transactions and the like.

We have to know that there are many reasons behind the cheating. We have to know the reasons not to understand cheaters or incriminate them. We have to understand the reasons behind infidelity so it can help us avoid the damage it will cause. Here are the reasons:

  • Individual reasons: Researchers believe that there are some qualities about a person that makes him/her commit infidelity and this is determined by variety of risk factors like gender. It is said that men are more likely to commit infidelity than women and this is because men have more testosterone which is linked to a strong desire to have sex. Personality is also the reason why many are engaged in infidelity.


  • Relationship issues: People cheat because they find that their present relationship is unsatisfying. According to researchers, relationships that have high conflict and unfulfilled sex are more prone to infidelity. It does not end there because dissimilar partners – in terms of education level, status and other factors are susceptible to infidelity.
  • Situational reasons: We are curious why a perfectly happy relationship still suffer infidelity .This happens especially if the environment that we are living in puts us at risk for infidelity. Spending time in settings with many attractive people or many infidels make cheating more likely. We also need to think of the nature of employment.

Infidels only know the reasons behind their actions. Partners should recognize these factors so we can talk about it. The effort of evading from this damaging situation should come from both sides. If in this case we are struggling with infidelity – whether a victim or a participant, we have to get help before it totally destroy our relationship and family.


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