Marriage: Built with True Love

Actually, there’s no person that can break the power of love. When a person is in love to another person, you cannot stop them no matter what. As what many people say, love conquers all. There are no boundaries when you are embraced by love. You also cannot escape or hide love. It’s a unique feeling that is created. Even if you are marriage or not, old or young, stupid or smart, black or white, rich or poor, or perhaps big or small, you can still be in love.

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Many people can testify the power of love. Like a retired woman who marry a young individual who recently finished his college degree. In the eyes of many people, they look at them as an illegal couple. Their eyes stare up and down making them fight for their love.

It is true that they can get a lot of criticism about their “grandmother-grandson relationship” but if their love is true, no one can stop them, even if Barrack Obama or perhaps the King of England stop them being in love with each other. Even if you kill one of them, the feeling will not stop. It keeps on growing until the end of time. On the other hand, it may stop to grow especially when there is a new seed that will develop.

true love

This will be the time that you will be in love to another person. Usually, when you are in love with the person who makes you happy, you will never forget them even if you say that you have moved on. Basically, you will again be in love but it is for another person and that person will only like a sealant that you only want to cover the heartache that you are suffering.


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