Keeping Away from Online Scams

There are more than fifty cases of scam accounted by the police for the last two months. This number was declared last September 6, 2013 from the press release of the police. According to the police, the scam totalled $40,000.
Doing online transactions is widespread these days. We are lucky if we have a successful transaction but what happens if we become a victim of online scamming? That is not good especially if involves a big money. It is very important that we are aware of the risks and how to avoid it so we do not get cheated. Here are some tips on keeping away from online scams:


Never give your password. If there is a site that asks you to join by entering your email address first and the password, it should ring a bell. You should never give your password.

Use “excellent” passwords. You should protect you email accounts by setting “excellent” passwords. If you want a simple password because it is easy to recall, think twice because hackers or scammers can use that against you. Together with your “excellent” passwords, you should also set strong “secret questions”.

Do not buy something you did not ask. Scammers will usually dump you with spam from cheap shoes to expensive jewelleries. If you are not buying something, just keep it that way. Do not buy what you did not ask or purchase. You can go straight to Amazon for instance then search for the product-that is the safest way.

Browser’s security features. Are you familiar with your browsers security features? Browsers (like Internet Explorer and Firefox) can check the certificates of websites. You can check the certificate by clicking on the lock icon.
These tips should be shared to some friends and family so they will be aware. Let us be vigilant so no people can take advantage of it.

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