How to Keep Your Skin Glowing and Healthy

Aging can be a very daunting fact of life. As much as possible we tend to do everything and apply anything to our skin just keep it fresh, glowing and healthy like some people in Singapore. Their skins are flawless and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish one’s age. Well, if you want to have the same ageless beauty, follow these tips:


1.Wash your face before you hit the sack. Before you go to sleep, you should wash off the dirt in your face and especially your make-up. Let your skin breathe at night time and make sure that it is clean as much as possible.

2.Sleep Early. Do not deprive yourself from sleep. If you sleep late, your blood circulation will lower which would cause your skin to look pale and dry. Sleep as early as you can so that your skin can rejuvenate.

3.Avoid sunbathing and tanning. Restrain yourself from these activities as they harm your skin more than you know. Although your sunscreen can help you but it can’t protect you forever. Too much sun exposure could not only give you age spots, acne and other sun damages but it could really hurt you and your skin’s health.

4.Use moisturizing soaps and creams. To keep your skin more hydrated, youthful and glowing, apply moisturizing creams before you go to sleep at night and after you take a bath in the morning. You can also use soaps that are moisturizing and not those deodorant or anti-bacterial soaps since they dry up your skin.


5.Exercise. Sweat yourself off in order to help maintain your body’s blood circulation and eliminate toxic chemicals that usually build up under your skin.

6.Exfoliate. Scrub off your old and dead skin cells to help renewed cells become more vibrant. You can use a loofah every day to keep ingrown hairs and scaly skin under control. You can also use exfoliating face wash and cream in order to lighten your face without scrubbing and irritating your skin too much.

7.Eat fruits and veggies. Your source of vitamins and nutrients of course comes from what you eat. Eat healthy all the time especially with fruits rich in lycopene, food and veggies rich in zinc and vitamins as they are good for the skin.

8.Drink an extra glass of water.  Hydrating yourself with pure water is an essential component of a healthy skin. It is paramount that you drink eight glasses a day or more if you live in a warm place or if you are active in sports and other activities. Drink as much as you can in order to avoid dry and dehydrated skin.


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