How to Help Your Child Develop Confidence

As a parent, you have heard many times how other people claim that times have changed and how values waned over time. You just wish that your teen do not engage in bad behaviours. No parent likes their children astray. As much as possible, children should be in the path where you envisioned them.


What can you do to ensure that your children will thrive or flourish and find success? You should know that there is a study that offers practical suggestions on how you can give your children support so they will thrive or flourish in this life. There is a research conducted by Family Studies Center of Bringham Young University. The study covered ten years that involved five hundred families.

The study revealed that while parents should give attention to risky behaviours, they should also concentrate on nurturing positive behaviours to help the children thrive. Furthermore, it emphasized that with traits, value and attitudes nurtured, the child has big chances of growing confident.

You should know that there are four elements that you need to nurture so your child will live in confidence. Here are the elements:

  • Self-control: You will instantly know if your child lacks self-control. If he/she suddenly punches a kid or becomes angry for no apparent reason, you should be wary. It is true that this behaviour occur less as he/she gets older but it will take your effort. With this, you have to realize that the sooner the kids can control their emotions and thoughts, the better it is for their future. If you want your kids to be in control always, make sure that you show an excellent example.



  • Self-esteem: When you hear self-esteem, it refers to having a healthy sense of self-worth. This means that your child should see himself/herself worthy. If your child has enough self-esteem, he/she will not be worried about what others think and just focus on being confident.


  • Positive values: You wish that your children can be able to discern right from wrong by instilling values like resilience, kindness and integrity. As young as they are, you have to instil these values so they will internalize it.


  • Empathy: A kind individual understands empathy. Empathy refers the ability of the child to put himself/herself in the shoes of the other thereby grasping how the other feels. The world needs more empathy from people.

Here in Singapore, it is important that you thrive or flourish but make sure not to hurt yourself or other people along the way. Always think of your values and it will tell you what to do.


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