How to be Creative

Everyone has his own form of creativity – have you tried smudging paint on a canvass then declaring it as your masterpiece or having able solve a seemingly difficult problem with just a simple answer that no one else thought of?Creativity1

Scientifically speaking, creativity draws a blurry line with intelligence and researches are still puzzled on the connection between these two indicators – such that having a high IQ doesn’t really make you creative but having high creativity level projects the image of having an apparent high IQ, which is actually the opposite of the truth.

Having high creativity level doesn’t really require you to have a high level of intelligence – it is just that creative people focus more on their experiences and through this they are able to solve difficult problems by incorporating real-time applications and practical knowledge. So, here are some tips on boosting your creativity – everyone is gifted with creative potential, after all.


Unlock Your Creative Intuition

We are all expert on something – might it be about gardening, drawing, and Internet surfing all of which demands a certain level of creativity. Creativity level is measured by a specialized test that examines how you answer questions and most of these questions are actually tricky, confusing, and utterly unthinkable – this is the Torrance test of creativity.

Start by taking the test, the experience would then give you an idea on how to think outside the box – don’t focus on your score and remember it’s always about the experience. Actually, this experience will imprint on you the importance of imagination and alternate possibilities – such that every logical situation has its loophole that gives opportunity for imaginative solutions, all of our knowledge is actually based on someone else’s imaginative process that have been proven true through time.

Relax Your Mind

After a day’s worth of thinking, one must always have the time to rest – in this way, you can refresh and resolve all of the difficulties you have encountered during the day. A nice cup of tea with honey or a generous slice of chef-baked cheesecake can ensure you yet another day of fun but mind bending exercises targeted at boosting your creativity.



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