Every Girl’s Guide to Disposing Their Empty Beauty Products

For every woman, the satisfaction you get from emptying your beauty product is just incomparable. There’s a sense of accomplishment that only a true beauty junkie would understand. But how do you exactly dispose the product’s container once it’s emptied? Well, it certainly won’t make sense if you’d still keep them on your beauty stash. To help you deal with that, here are some simple and eco-friendly ways to get rid of your empty beauty products.

1. Ensure That the Container is Empty

One of the basic rules in recycling is cleaning an empty container before tossing it away. Before heading straight to the sink, however, you should first ensure if the product you’ll be discarding is safe to be flushed down the drain. So unless your beauty product is all-natural or non-toxic, it’s better to just use it all up than mix unknown chemicals into the waters.

2. Think of an Alternative Use for Them

That pretty tub of moisturizer should look cute as something else –an earrings jar or a pencil holder, you decide. The possibility is just endless. Your used lipstick? You can depot it and recycle its tube. If you’ll just clean it, you can definitely reuse it.

3. Check the Recycling Logo on the Packaging

Most brands place the recycling logo on their products if they’re recyclable. Once you’ve confirmed that a particular product is recyclable, you can simply surrender it to a recycling facility near your area in Singapore – or just toss into the right trash bin.

4. See if its Compostable

Compostable products refer to anything that’s biodegradable, such as cardboard and paper. This can be the packaging or the product itself. Some brands have biodegradable makeup wipes, cotton pads and other compostable tools, which you can throw in the trash without a second thought. Just ensure that they’re thrown in the right trash bin, though.

5. Return the Containers to Its Store

Being conscious about your beauty consumption has its own perks. For instance, surrendering a certain number of product containers to its store could get you a free beauty items like face masks. Some brands also accept containers as a part of their outreach program for local communities.

6. Sell Them to a Junk Shop

If the brands you’re using don’t practise recycling programs, you can simply collect and clean your empty product tubs or bottles to get extra bucks. All you’ve got to do is sell them to a junk shop or a recycling plant and you’ll get some money in exchange.

Knowing how to properly dispose or recycle your beauty product containers will definitely help improve your beauty practises. So be sure to keep these recycling tips in mind to enjoy a more eco-friendly beauty experience.

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