Eating Less to Gain Weight

Most gym experts say that you have to eat more than three times a day so that you will gain weight. They will show you the amount of carbohydrates and proteins that you should eat. They will also let you take some food supplement so that your weight will boost.


The Truth of the Matter

In reality, that is not correct and it will only harm your body. If you do this, you will be like the obese individuals who has a lot of junk in their body. Actually, the more food you eat, the more unhealthy foods you consume and this will affect your mind and body. Like many malnourished individuals, you will be more likely to have illness and it may be serious.


The Healthy Foods to Eat

Fruits and vegetables is on the list. Whatever it takes, you should consume green leafy vegetables together with the sweet fruits. However, you should always be careful in choosing the fruits you are going to eat because there are fruits that when consumed excessively, there is a tendency that the digestive system will breakdown.

Mango for Body Mass

One fruit to eat when you want to gain body mass is mango. Typically, mango is consumed by individuals who wants to lose weight and are on diet. However, it is also for people who want to gain weight. Through eating mango, you will be energized which will clear your mind and make your body re-energized. But you must not forget that you should not consume too much of these as it will have a bad effect on your system.



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