5 Tell-Tale Signs You’re an Old Soul Stuck in a Young Person’s Body

In today’s world, there’s a special type of individual who finds themselves eerily different from others. It is likely that this person’s way of thinking is more mature and reasonable than most people of the same age. They do not have the same interests as the people of their same generation.

Do you feel isolated most of the times or feel like you can relate more to mature individuals? If this seems like a common scenario for you, you might be an old soul.

1. Your friends often call you ‘boring’
Well, not blatantly calling you ‘boring’ straight to your face. But you know that your friends see you that way. It’s not your fault that you feel like staying indoors and reading a book is more pleasurable than going bar hopping. You already know that they will wake up with terrible hang over, so why would you even want to be in the same awful situation?

2. You’re probably single
The fact that you think and act differently will make it difficult for a potential partner of the same age to relate to and understand them. There are exceptions, of course, but for most of them, it’s challenging to find a partner. The best news, however, is that you’re less likely be single when you get older, since people naturally develop ‘old souls’ in them over time. But during your younger years, expect the dating game to be tough.

3. Everyone asks for your advice
You seem to know how things work even if you haven’t done it before, and you often hear people say ‘how do you know that?’ The trust is, you just know but clueless how you knew it. Your friends having love problems or are in quarter-life crisis come running to you for advice. Although they always freak out by your prophetic powers to predict outcomes and provide impressive solutions, they trust your authenticity wholeheartedly.

4. You want meaning to the things you do
You desire for more understanding and seek meaningful reasons for things. You are not interested in buying the latest gadgets, waste your time on Facebook or go out clubbing with acquaintances. You see life as a mission to feel things more deeply and that it should be spent on more significant things.

5. You’re calm under pressure.
While everyone around you is stressed out, you’re not. When things don’t work as plan for you, you remain calm. You see everything as part of life and that everything happens for a reason. You know and understand that there’s something to be learned in every misfortune. Likewise, you do not want any drama and you know how to handle it when it does arise.

For old souls, it is not about getting into the bandwagon; it is about creating your own trail and dedicating your time and energy on more precious things—something that people of your generation won’t understand until another decade.

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