5 Fashion Habits That Are Definitely Worth Breaking

Dressing up is both fun and hard. From keeping up with the trends, to cultivating your own style and preventing your bank account from turning to red. However, losing sight of the significant factors to consider when it comes to fashion, and falling into the bad habit pothole can be quite easy. So before you end up maxing out your credit card, here are five fashion habits that you should start breaking now.


1.       Purchasing an item because it’s on sale.

Buying an item that’s on sale won’t really save you some bucks if you’re not actually going to wear that particular item. A good solution to this? Don’t let the discounted prices sway you. Although this is easier said than done, fight off the impulse to buy clothing pieces that are on sale. Instead, examine the item and decide whether you’ll really wear it on a day-to-day basis. If not, then might as well place it back on the rack and simply leave the store.

2.       Investing on the wrong items.

Certain buys just don’t make worthy investments. So be wise with where you spend your dough and be realistic as to what really marks as an important item purchase for you. As much as possible, stick to classic pieces that lasts forever, but don’t deny yourself of the joy to splurge on an item that you personally think is a worthy investment. Just remember to wisely spend your money on the things that you really need and not on the things that you just want.

3.       Not having your own signature look.

Experimenting on style is good, but having your signature look and style is much better. Not only will having a go-to look make it easier for you to standout and shop for clothing pieces, it’ll also prevent you from impulsively buying items that you won’t really wear.


4.       Buying clothing items because you just feel like it.

Buying a particular item just because you were swayed by a Singapore fashion expert’s advice is one of the bad habits that you should start breaking now. Instead of completely following fashion advices and suggestions, filter each of them and decide as to which advice is most beneficial for you.

5.       Following each and every fashion rule that you know.

Following every do’s and don’ts in fashion is a habit that’s really worth breaking. Just because you happen to read an article criticizing the socks-on-sandals look doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t look good on you. A great advice from Singapore trendsetters is that every time you see a “don’t” fashion rule, try considering it for yourself. You’ll never know how good it might look on you, and you might even find your signature look.

Breaking a habit can be really difficult at first. However, breaking these fashion habits will definitely prove beneficial both for your wallet and in developing your personal style.


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