5 Breath-Taking Cruise Destinations Worth Splurging For

Cruising is not only for retirees or single people looking for an extraordinary romance on the high seas. Cruising is a magnificent holiday package that gets you to a number of destinations in a particular span of time.


If you’re planning for a fabulous cruise anytime soon, look for these breath-taking destinations in any cruise itinerary you come across with.

1.       Baffin Island, Canada

Stunning glaciers, rugged mountains, superb wildlife, and flocks of northern seabirds—these are the stunning attractions that await on an amazing cruise to the wilderness of Baffin Island. See for yourself the dramatic landscape at that time of the year when the sun never sets and the wildlife returns to this abundant area of the Arctic.

2.       Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok offers cruisers a mix of royal palaces, ancient temples, and modern skyscrapers. Highlights of this Asian destination include Chinatown, Wat Traimit Temple, and the Reclining Buddha—Bangkok’s oldest temple. World class restaurants abound, where you can indulge into some of Thailand’s classics—tangy soups, fresh seafood, and sweet and savoury curries.

3.       Singapore

Singapore is a city of high-rises and skyscrapers, but with green parks almost everywhere (including on top of buildings). And just like any other Asian country, this destination doesn’t fall short on the F&B department. Offering a variety of restaurants, cafes and shops, and food courts, you will surely find a dining place that suits your taste and pocket.


4.       Caribbean Islands

Golden beaches, turquoise seas, lush green forests, and countless natural wonders—the Caribbean islands have it all for you! These glorious and diverse islands have so many unique flavours to offer. They have preserved their own unique identities and are bursting with treasures, waiting to be explored.

5.       Africa

Embrace the ancestral home of all human beings, and set your course to Africa. In this destination, you can travel to see the marvellous Victoria Falls, with the opportunity to witness the beauty of Zambia and Botswana, near the splendid Chobe National Park where you may encounter herds of Cape buffalos, lions, and elephants.

These are just five of the most amazing cruise destinations that are worth splurging for. While cruise packages with these places don’t come cheap, you’ll surely get a bang for your buck for the experiences these destinations can offer.


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