4 Money Tips of Adults

Being an adult means asking yourself once in a while “am I doing it right?” One way to know if you are acting within the parameters of being an adult is asking the older generations. Their vast experience will give you multitude of lessons and ideas but sometimes you will realize that you are living in different times.

money in the hands

With money talks, sometimes it is hard to listen to older ones because they have different ideas. It is not easy to manage money but you have to do it anyway. Here are some general money tips that you should consider:

1.       Establish a system for your bills and receipts

For paper bills, sometimes it is easy to ignore them because you tend to misplace them once you received them. That should not be your practice. Paper bills should be put in one place and then identify which are your priorities. It would help to put them together but sort them according to their category either by dates or priorities. If you are now paperless, at least create a folder in your email especially for your bills and receipts.

2.       Pay your bills individually

When companies start to bill you, it doesn’t matter who comes first because they have their own cut off and due. The ideal thing to do is avoid lumping the billing dates together. Many tend to lump payment of bills on the day of pay day but that will exhaust all your money and you will struggle until the next pay day. The quickest and easiest solution is to adjust the billing dates so you do not struggle from pay check to pay check. If it is possible, call your service provider and change dates.


3.       Have a budget and stay within its limits

This is not a secret. As an adult, you have to have a budget. It will shape your spending. It sounds complicated and hard if you are starting to earn your own money but as you get along, you will ace it granting that you stay within your limits. It will be futile to have a budget but still you end up spending everything at one occasion.

4.       Save

The point of having a budget is to pay all things and still have savings left for the future. You are always reminded to save countless of times and it is time that you actually execute it. Having some savings is important and it entails being responsible because being an adult means having the freedom to buy anything you like.

Singapore is the most expensive city which means you really need these money tips. It is not easy earning money and you should do your best to safeguard whatever that’s left of you.


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