Wedding Must-Haves

Weddings are stressful and daunting for other brides. It should not be that way. If you are getting married soon, it is important that you seek for the help of your friends or relatives and share whatever tasks you have that way it will be lighter for you. You should not deal with arranging and preparing your wedding alone but you do not need wedding planners for this because they only mean additional cost which is not a good thing. You can simply make a checklist of wedding must-haves and proceed from there. Wedding must-haves include:


Gown and suit

Your gown will be the central part of your wedding because it represents all things. Choosing for a bridal gown is not easy but if you look for it, you will surely find it. Do not worry because there are many bridal shops here in Singapore. Do not forget about your groom’s suit and your entourage’s gowns. You should choose gowns that fit your body type so you will look good if you consider wedding videography.


A wedding is never perfect without cake. Getting it in Singapore is not hard especially to feature the cake. For the ceremonial cake cutting, you need to find a cake specialist but if you can make it, you should do it that way you can save.



Finding the right venue is not hard but it is not that simple too. If you have an ideal venue, you should book it right away. If you are still looking for the best place, take your time but make a decision right away especially if you are nearing your wedding day. You should choose a good place for your wedding videography.

Food and Drinks

Your wedding is a celebration so food and drinks should be there. You should look for caterers so your family will not deal with the cooking anymore. There are many caterers here in Singapore that you can approach.


Flowers will give more vibrancy and colour in the reception. If you know an arranger, you should commission him/her to make you good centrepieces.


Wedding videography and photography

Weddings should be documented for keepsake. This is where wedding videography and photography comes in. If you know a good wedding videography studio, you should the perfect videography here in Singapore and expect quality videos after your wedding. Wedding videography can also be employed by your friends.


You want your visitors to remember your wedding so you should give them something when they go home. Wedding souvenirs are also given as a token of appreciation for people who joined you in this important event.


Of course, the honeymoon is always there. You are free to consider a domestic or an international trip. If you prefer to stay inside the house, it is your choice.


That should do it. If you are expecting a small and simple wedding, you should be proud of it. If in this case you are talking about a grand wedding, you are free to do it as long as it makes you happy. But you should note here that wedding ceremonies are only a part of the whole process and it will not dictate what you will have in the future. There are people who are married grandly but they failed; there are people who are married simply but they lasted. The point here is your wedding does not mean anything if two people are not committed enough.

You should be happy with your new life. Building a family is a huge step and it should not be regretted. Weddings are beautiful things. If you have the resources, make it happen because you deserve it.

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