Top 6 Tax-Friendly Places

Taxes are like the fuel of a country. It keeps everything smoothly running. Taxes are an important indication of the success and growth of a nation.  However, it does not escape anybody that paying taxes can take away a big percentage of your monthly salary. Planning to relocate somewhere where the cost of living is not too big? We’ve provided the top cities that do not have big tax burdens. See the list below.


  • Mumbai, India

With a Total Tax Index (tax burden measurement) of 49.7, India is the top 1 tax-friendly country worldwide. In India, the most tax-friendly cities are Chennai and Mumbai, which are part of the top five cities with the lowest TTI.


  • Toronto, Canada

Next to India, Canada is the second country with the lowest Total Tax Index of 59.1. Among the top cities, Toronto placed fifth of the tax-friendliest cities.


  • Saint Petersburg, Russia

Russia is fifth in the list of countries that have very light tax burdens. It is one of the least draining tax systems with a TTi score of 67.8.


  • Shanghai, China

Coming in at top 3 is China, with a total score if 68 TTI. Shanghai, on the other hand, placed eleventh among the tax-friendly cities around the world.


  • Manchester, United Kingdom

With a score of 66.8 TTI, Manchester is ninth in the tax-friendliest cities in the world. London is just behind it with a score of 79.8 TTI. Meanwhile, United Kingdom topped fifth in this list.


  • Atlanta, United States

When it comes to taxes, Atlanta is one of the tax-friendliest places in the United States. Scoring 86.7 TTI, Atlanta is the 19th city with the least tax burden.


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