How to Keep Your Gaming Gear Clean

If you want your gaming platforms to work for years, you need to avoid issues that can possibly cause a system crash, overheating, damage, or interruption. Electronic gadgets are especially prone to dirt, hair, and dust because they generate static electricity that will attract all that mess you don’t clean up after a gaming session.

Gaming Computer
There are two ways to clean your computer; one, by cleaning out the unused applications and temporary files, and removing accumulated the dirt and debris.

1. First, clean out all the junk and duplicate files before deleting the programs that you no longer use.
2. Then, defragment your hard device by compacting the data to make them more accessible. Don’t do this, however, if your computer uses an SSD.
3. Finally, organize your desktop to make your tasks easier, especially if you use your computer for other purposes.
4. To clean your computer, you will need the following: compressed air, microfiber cloth, Q-tips, and isopropyl alcohol.
5. Disconnect the computer and remove any accessories attached to it before wiping the surface with the cloth.
6. Detach the filters and wipe off the dust or use the compressed air can.
7. Wipe the interior using the cloth and slightly moist Q-tips especially the parts that are hard to reach. Be careful when cleaning the sensitive components. Then, use the compressed air to clean the rest

Gaming Consoles
Cleaning your consoles is easy and you don’t have to open it to do that. If you feel like it needs a thorough cleaning, however, take it to the nearest reputable repair shop in Singapore.

1. Gather the following cleaning materials: compressed air that’s labeled computer cleaner, toothbrush, microfiber cloth, denatured alcohol or 90% isopropyl alcohol, and cotton swabs.
2. Make sure to read the manuals first before cleaning your consoles, so you will know which parts you should avoid. If you still want your warranty to be effective, do not try to open the consoles.
3. Wipe the console casing with a dry cloth and remove the stubborn dirt using the soft toothbrush. Take care not to touch any of the sensitive electronic parts.
4. Wipe the vents or use a toothbrush to take out stubborn dirt. Dampen the cloth or cotton swabs with alcohol only if there are stubborn stains, then clean up any excess moisture.
5. Use the compressed air on the ports and slots to blow out the dust.

Gaming Controllers
You will need the following items: microfiber cloth, equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water mixture, cotton swabs, and toothbrush.

1. If your controllers have batteries, remove them before cleaning.
2. Use the toothbrush to remove the debris, before using the slightly damp microfiber cloth to wipe off the dirt.
3. Make sure that no excess moisture gets into the electronic parts, so use the alcohol and water mixture sparingly and do not touch any of the electronic parts when cleaning.
4. Use the slightly misted cotton swab to clean the hard-to-reach surfaces, and finally, clean off the excess moisture.

6 Must-Try Desserts in Singapore

Comfort food typically is different for everyone, yet experts say there’s a scientific basis as to how sweets can make the brain seem happier. All the neurotransmitters aside though, who can resist a serving of sweets on any day?
Here’s a list of what Singapore has to offer in the dessert department:

1. Kueh
Like any other place, Singapore has developed many varieties of one dessert, and the Kueh is no exception. Let’s take first two kinds of Kueh on this list. First is the Ondeh-Ondeh which is made of pandan filled with palm sugar which leaves your mouth with sweet flavor in every bite. The Ang Ku Kueh on the other hand is made of glutinous rice flour stuffed with mung beans or peanuts. One thing is common for both: they’re irresistible to the sweet tooth.

2. Ice Kachang
Since Singapore is typically warm almost all year round, desserts served cold always make the hall of fame. This treat is made from shaved ice smoothened with flavored syrup and textured with various toppings. Not only is this sweet, it’s more importantly cooling to the taste.

3. Grass Jelly
Since we’re on the topic of cold, here’s another dessert sure to provide respite amidst the Singapore sun. This treat is made from a plant originating from the mint family. It is first boiled then cooled to its smooth consistency – that of a jelly. Normally served with shaved ice, it also comes great with lime.

4. Cheng Tng
Let’s lower the temperature some more with yet another cool dessert. This treat is known as a clear sweet soup containing barley, sweet potato, longans and white fungus. The ingredients are branded for their cooling effect, such as dried persimmon and winter melon, so it’s not just the ice doing its trick. It’s all of them, actually.

5. Chendol
One more dessert on the cooler side of sweets is the Chendol. This is mainly made up of shaved ice, served with palm sugar, red beans, coconut milk and pandan jelly. The name ironically means green jelly worms and not the actual dessert, but most locals would still refer to the dessert when Chendol is mentioned.

6. Apom Berkuah
Let’s go back to room temperature and be delighted by this sweet treat that’s pleasing both to the palate and to the eyes. Mainly made from pancakes, Singapore’s version of this treat is made from fermented rice flour and coconut water. Oftentimes, banana sauce accompanies this treat. It also has stylish blue swirls derived from the juice of Bunga Telang flowers.

Desserts provide the punctuation of every great meal. Some people even skip the main course altogether just to get their hands on the yummy sweets saved for after.

No matter when you take them, before or after the meal, sweets leave that same feeling of happy – something we all need on a frequent basis.

5 Places in SG That Make for an Awesome Photo Background

Travels and even everyday routines don’t go about without a snapshot or two. There is always that picture-worthy angle, that good shot we all want to capture. Singapore, with all its other perks, offers just the right infrastructures to pepper our feeds with like-hoarding photos.

1. Orchard Gateway Bridge
Built on April 26, 2014, this bridge connects Orchard Gateway to Orchard Gateway@Emerald for the purpose of allowing pedestrians to cross safely unscathed by the weather to and fro the two locations. Its tube-like structure offers great lines and depth for photos, with Orchard Road as background. It also has 3D art which creates the illusion as if there is a whole at the center of the bridge.

2. Helix Bridge
This 280-meter bridge connects Marina Centre with Marina South, all in the Marina Bay Area. It accommodates pedestrians which is just perfect for taking shots of this picturesque structure. At night, LED lights illuminate the bridge in contrast to the pitch black darkness giving it an identical aura to its inspiration – the human DNA. It is comprised of two delicate helix structures forming a tube, only touching one another at one point.

3. Railway bridge
Picture yourself back in the day when bridges were rare and transportation wasn’t as accessible as it is today. The Railway Bridge in Singapore stretches above Bukit Timah Road. Despite all the rust, this structure still holds much beauty and nostalgia, both locals and tourists appreciate.

4. People’s Park Complex
Who would have thought that a residential building could provide a catchy backdrop to that profile photo you’ve been waiting for? The People’s Park Complex is a high-rise structure with 31 floors which functions both as a residential and commercial building. Containing both offices and apartments, it thrives in commerce as it is located in one of the most packed areas of Singapore.

5. Sports Hub
Bask in all the reds you can see in this sports structure not only for athletes but enthusiasts as well. The dome of the National Stadium houses 55,000 red seats which makes all indoor structures stand out in contrast to this vibrant hue. It also has other amenities such as Aquatic Centre, Arena, commercial retail space, which will surely fill your camera roll with architectural delight.

No better way of appreciating today’s symbols of advancement and urbanization than through the lens of equally-advanced cameras. We can preserve what our eyes enjoy as of the moment, and immortalize it to a certain time when it would be no longer what it is today – either it’s change for the better or the opposite.
Good thing we can take snapshots; good thing we have memories along with each click.

What You Need to Know Before You Get Yourself Inked

Tattoos generally stay with you over the course of your lifetime. If you want to save yourself a painful and expensive surgery later just to remove the tattoo from your body, you might as well spend some time deliberating if it is one commitment you are willing to make.

There are things you must keep in mind and take into consideration before you get your first tattoo. This allows you to get your tattoo with ease. Not to mention, preparing yourself prior to your tattoo session will always be an advantage to your tattoo artist.

1. Know your pain tolerance
Each of us vary in our respective pain tolerance. Getting a tattoo is generally noted to be a painful experience, and with that, you might want to take your personal tolerance into consideration. There’s nothing wrong with pushing yourself, though. Your first tattoo is quite a liberating experience, but it’s also important to respect your body’s limitations.

If you’re highly sensitive to pain, avoid getting your first tattoo on your elbows, ribs, or in the groin areas.

2. Start small
You don’t need to pressure yourself into getting a huge tattoo for your first inking session. There is no shame in starting small, especially if you’re new to the art of tattooing. This allows you to learn the whole process, starting from how your skin takes the ink to how your body heals after the tattoo sets.

Small-sized tattoo designs are also convenient to hide. This comes in handy especially in formal scenarios, or when you have an upcoming job interview to attend.

3. Don’t do it on the cheap
The thing with getting a tattoo is that, you are altering your body for the rest of your life. There’s no turning back once you get yourself inked (unless you undergo through laser removal surgery). It is only fitting, then, to consider it a big investment. Go for a tattoo parlor which can guarantee safety and convenience.

Consider the prices of their services and determine if the cost is justifiable and affordable on your budget.

4. Choose wisely
Be sure to choose a design which you can stand for the rest of your life. Getting a tattoo removed isn’t easy, and it might cost you more than the accumulated fees you spent over first getting your tattoo done. You don’t necessarily have to choose the “perfect” tattoo design, instead, choose a design which will leave you unbothered even if it becomes a sore to the sight at some point.

The Truth Behind Tattoo Removals

At this point, you are most likely in the tattoo regretting phase. Chances are the initials of your ex-lover might be too painful to see every day, or you just want your tattoo to fade so you can cover it up more easily for formal settings.

Regardless, there are things you must be aware of if you’re thinking about undergoing a tattoo removal process. Your expectations must also be set in the right direction for you to fully prepare yourself.

1. Set your expectations
Probably the most important thing to consider, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there is no tattoo removal process that is 100% guaranteed. The best thing to do about setting your expectations right is to speak with an expert. There are tattoos which only fade (partially) after several treatments, while other tattoos leave a permanent scarring. Others may still leave a ghost image of your tattoo even after your sessions are over.

2. Once is not enough
Unfortunately, one treatment isn’t going to magically remove your tattoo for good. Multiple sessions will be required to completely fade away your tattoo. This cannot be easily predetermined in the initial stages of your consultation because sessions may vary according to how effective the process is. The standard ranges from at least 10 treatments, but the number could end up so much higher.

3. Tattoo location
When it comes to laser tattoo removal treatments, the location of your tattoo matters a lot. For one, the closer your tattoo is to the heart, the better results you’ll likely have (thanks to better blood circulation in the surrounding area). Fading is notably slow in areas down the arms and legs because of their far location from the heart.

4. Post-treatment symptoms
Right after the session is over, there is no need to panic if there are immediate symptoms you can observe. These includes swelling, blisters, redness, or even temporary darkening. These are some of the common post-treatment symptoms which are believed to subside shortly after a couple weeks. Don’t hesitate to consult with an expert ASAP if there are any other urgent concerns.

5. Potential side-effects
You must also be aware of potential side-effects which may only fade after long stretches of time. Two of the most common tattoo removal side effects include hyperpigmentation, the darkening of the skin, and hypopigmentation, which is the lightening of the skin. This is noted to correct itself naturally only after 6 months to a whole year after treatment. Other potential risks include burns, infection, and scars.

Educational Topics

Educational topics when it comes to writing are very important. Not only do we need to learn ourselves, we need to educate people along the way. Writing about educational topics comes with a huge responsibility because of the fact that you are trying to teach something to someone else. Knowledge is a beautiful thing and once learned, it must also be passed on to others. When it comes to educational topics, research is the key but we’ll tackle more about that later.

Education nowadays has become more and more available to everyone especially those with an internet connection which is something almost all of us have. Now, what are the different ways for us to improve the authenticity of our educational topics?

There are a lot of ways for us to solidify our educational topics but here are a few we think are the most important:

1) Research
Research, as we’ve mentioned earlier, is the backbone of every piece of writing. Without substantial research, you won’t be able to claim your writing as a hundred percent educational. There are things you must factor in when it comes to research. Here are the following things that must always be in your priority when it comes to research.

a) Authenticity
First is most definitely authenticity. Validating the authenticity of your sources should be ha habit of ours but is sadly not practiced. People nowadays believe the first thing they hear and that can be very misleading. There are a lot of authentic research material out there and spending a little more time finding them wouldn’t hurt.

b) Expert opinion
Sort of like authenticity, you need to get a hold of expert opinion. This may be really hard because of how busy they are but if you could squeeze into just a little of their time, why not? After all, you are coming to them with the utmost respect and are trying to contribute something to the educational world.

c) Comments
Public opinion matters. You should also be aware on how people take your topic as some of them might even misunderstand it. It is your job to correct them.

2) Validation
Validating your writing is sort of like asking expert opinion but it should be compared to those existing writings with similar thoughts as yours. Validate this with the facts around you and not just expert opinion.

3) Necessity
Last but not the least, is your topic a necessity? Sadly, no matter how passionate you are, some topics just don’t seem important enough for some people. Maybe you are in the wrong pool though, there are others who will definitely appreciate your topic if you don’t stop looking.

Writing is something you do not just for other people but also for yourself! Never forget that.

The Best Way to Memorize

Okay, a lot of us have problems when it comes to memory. We can’t help it, most of us are just naturally forgetful. Sadly, there’s only so much we can remember. We’re pretty sure that everyone has fragments of their childhood but not the whole picture. We just don’t have room for everything. The brain is like a muscle and just like all other muscles, the brain needs to be exercised. A dull brain doesn’t grow or improve in performance. It does the exact opposite, you slowly become more and more forgetful.

There’s only so much we can do to improve our memory but unfortunately there are a few whose brains can no longer improve because of their biological structure and dna. Despite that, this should not stop anyone from learning and as we all know, our brain works in amazing ways. Memorization is about retaining a piece of information in our minds either permanently or temporarily.

Here are few ways to memorize better:

1. Key words
List the important key words and associate it fully with the certain things you have to remember. Some people even go as far as memorizing an acronym for the different things they have to remember. Organizing your thoughts is the best way to get organized as it is easier to find information if you know where they are put instead of finding an answer in a scattered brain.

2. Write it down
Writing something down again and again and again increases the chances of you being able to memorize something because not just your eyes but also your hand is involved. Associating different senses when you are trying to digest a piece of information makes it much easier for your brain to remember that piece of information.

3. Listen to it
There are a lot of applications right now that would easily transform text to speach and this is a great tool to help you memorize much easier. This is a great way to be able to listen again and again in your head to your lessons in places or moments when you can not take out your notes or books. Use technology to your advantage. You can even record the different lectures of your teachers. This is a great way for you to be able to memorize.

Memorization is very necessary not just when it comes to school or work but also when it comes to family and friends. Imagine forgetting you mother’s name! That would be disastrous! Improving your memory in the long run is something hard to do but with proper exercise, you might just be able to improve your memory. These exercises help you retain your memory even for temporary period but every once in a while, we end up making permanent memories along the way.

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