Marriage is a Business

Like many businesses, marriage is also similar to running a business. It is true that you sacrifice anything in order for your company to gain profit. In the road of marriage, you also sacrifice so that you can have the hand of the one you love. One thing that you need to have in proposing is true love. When you don’t have that or when your partner doesn’t have that thing on you, it’s better to stop it and accept your failure. However, there are times that a person will eventually develop feelings for a person he or she didn’t really like in the past. But as times goes by, there is a chance that he/she will like you.

Young smiling couple looking at laptop with book in hand

Aside from true love, you need to have an extra penny. Although it is not for a good impression, it is needed because it is something that you need in your future. While money is not that important in a relationship. You also need to consider it as one essential thing because life here on Earth will not prosper without the use of money.


The Business: Some couples call the help of some expert wedding organizers to arrange their wedding ceremony. Basically, this is an investment and you should get the best return of it. Most of the wedding ceremonies cost an average of almost 30,000 dollars but if you know how to save, there is a possibility that you can lessen the expenses for your wedding. In fact, you are not required to make it very fantastic; a simple and rightful wedding will do.


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