Importance of News Websites in Singapore

The growth of internet and its penetration in households in Singapore is really remarkable but what is more impressive is the fact that of these internet users, nearly half make use of news sites to get to the latest sites. This is not to say that these people do not go for entertainment or social networking. It is just that it surprises even sociologists to see so many young adults and teenagers go for internet based news sites for latest news and updates on a news story. What this reflects is the trust of the youth over online news sites to provide the latest news content.

However, not all news based websites are equal in terms of coverage. It goes without saying that not all news based sites update their content on a daily basis, leave alone every hour. This is what people normally expect, given the reach of the internet and freedom from expenditure incurred on reprinting. But with ad revenues not matching the expectations of the owner of the news based website, it is common to see a shortage of full time reporters paid decent salaries.

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