How to Make Alkaline Drinking Water

The desirable health effects of drinking alkaline water Singapore are numerous. Alkaline water helps shield the body against unwanted pathogens that are detrimental to human life. An alkaline pH level is a key to good health because when the body gets acidic pH level, it becomes susceptible to various diseases. Making your own alkaline water can be easy to do and inexpensive. Some methods are the following.


Baking Soda Method
This is one of the easiest ways to make your own alkaline water in Singapore. You will need the following things: a water container with screw-on lid, drinking water, baking soda, teaspoon and a pH test strip. You may have one or two of these things already at hand, but if not, they can easily be bought in the market so don’t you worry. The steps are definitely easy for anyone to follow. First, pour water into the container but don’t fill it to the brim. Leave enough space so you can shake and mix it well later on the process.

Feel free to use any type of clean water that is available. Then after pouring water, add enough amount of ordinary baking soda into it. Perhaps one teaspoon will do, depending on the amount of water you have. Afterwards, shake the container to allow the baking soda and water to mix well. With your pH test strip, check the pH level of the water after shaking. The result should be around 8 to 9 on the alkaline level. If it doesn’t reach that level yet, add more baking soda and repeat the process until you have alkaline water Singapore.


Alkaline Drops and Tablets
Aside from the baking soda method, you can also use alkaline drops or tablets which can be purchased online or from stores that sell nutritional supplements. Add these to your drinking water to alkalize it. Alkaline drops come in handy since you can readily use them wherever and whenever you want to drink. Also, bringing with you some pH strips every time you travel outside of Singapore can help guide you in achieving your desired alkaline level.

Alkaline Water Machines
In the market, there are different brands of special alkaline water machines that turn tap water into alkalized water. When you use alkaline water Singapore machines and filters, make sure that the water you use is tap because these machines need mineral content in order to function the way they should. H2Olife provides alkaline water ionizer in Singapore and alkaline water machines that are sold in the market have different types. Some are attached to the faucets. Others are countertop or are installed under the sinks. These machines produce alkaline water with pH 7.0 to pH 9.5.


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