How to Keep Your Gaming Gear Clean

If you want your gaming platforms to work for years, you need to avoid issues that can possibly cause a system crash, overheating, damage, or interruption. Electronic gadgets are especially prone to dirt, hair, and dust because they generate static electricity that will attract all that mess you don’t clean up after a gaming session.

Gaming Computer
There are two ways to clean your computer; one, by cleaning out the unused applications and temporary files, and removing accumulated the dirt and debris.

1. First, clean out all the junk and duplicate files before deleting the programs that you no longer use.
2. Then, defragment your hard device by compacting the data to make them more accessible. Don’t do this, however, if your computer uses an SSD.
3. Finally, organize your desktop to make your tasks easier, especially if you use your computer for other purposes.
4. To clean your computer, you will need the following: compressed air, microfiber cloth, Q-tips, and isopropyl alcohol.
5. Disconnect the computer and remove any accessories attached to it before wiping the surface with the cloth.
6. Detach the filters and wipe off the dust or use the compressed air can.
7. Wipe the interior using the cloth and slightly moist Q-tips especially the parts that are hard to reach. Be careful when cleaning the sensitive components. Then, use the compressed air to clean the rest

Gaming Consoles
Cleaning your consoles is easy and you don’t have to open it to do that. If you feel like it needs a thorough cleaning, however, take it to the nearest reputable repair shop in Singapore.

1. Gather the following cleaning materials: compressed air that’s labeled computer cleaner, toothbrush, microfiber cloth, denatured alcohol or 90% isopropyl alcohol, and cotton swabs.
2. Make sure to read the manuals first before cleaning your consoles, so you will know which parts you should avoid. If you still want your warranty to be effective, do not try to open the consoles.
3. Wipe the console casing with a dry cloth and remove the stubborn dirt using the soft toothbrush. Take care not to touch any of the sensitive electronic parts.
4. Wipe the vents or use a toothbrush to take out stubborn dirt. Dampen the cloth or cotton swabs with alcohol only if there are stubborn stains, then clean up any excess moisture.
5. Use the compressed air on the ports and slots to blow out the dust.

Gaming Controllers
You will need the following items: microfiber cloth, equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water mixture, cotton swabs, and toothbrush.

1. If your controllers have batteries, remove them before cleaning.
2. Use the toothbrush to remove the debris, before using the slightly damp microfiber cloth to wipe off the dirt.
3. Make sure that no excess moisture gets into the electronic parts, so use the alcohol and water mixture sparingly and do not touch any of the electronic parts when cleaning.
4. Use the slightly misted cotton swab to clean the hard-to-reach surfaces, and finally, clean off the excess moisture.

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