How to Cope Up with Our Children

Parenting is an extraordinary experience and encounter. It is not something that can be learned or taught in school. There are no general books that will tackle parenting in details so we are our own teacher. We learn to be better every day and that is good news for our children.

Whether we are a mother or a father, it is important that we know how to deal or cope up with our children. Our children may be demanding and frustrating sometimes but it is what they are. It is our job to be patient and understanding as much as possible. Aside from that, we can do the following things:


Give time for the children and talk about things

Quality time is very crucial in establishing a parent-child relationship. No matter how busy we get, a few minutes or an hour with our child is a big thing. We can always ask them about their day or about school. We can talk about our plans for the next summer that way they will get excited. There are actually many things that we can consider. Aside from quality time, we encourage communication and strengthening of the bond.

Be consistent with the rules and expectations

Rules and setting of expectations are meant to create order in the household. If we are not serious about it, our children will think that it is okay to fool around and break order. We should be consistent and non-lenient so they will know we are serious. By establishing clear rules and expectations, they will be disciplined.


Encourage our children to be self-reliant and independent

We should teach our kids about self-reliance and independence because there will come a time that they will deal with things alone. Other parents would call it initiative.

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