Easy Ways to Get Good Laundry Services

When you plan to clean your clothes, it’s essential for you to hire the best laundry service in Singapore. This type of service can be very useful in assisting you in cleaning any types of clothes and linens. But with the good number of laundry service providers available in the market, choosing the right one can become a challenging task. For that reason, we listed down some of trade secrets on how you could possibly find and get the laundry service that’s perfect for your needs.

1. Check Your Laundry Options

A good number of laundry options are already available in Singapore these days, including dry cleaning and regular laundry service (“wash-and-fold”). These options are widely used by a lot of professionals today. The regular laundry service is useful for customers who just want to have their clothes quickly cleaned. If you want to clean an expensive clothing piece, however, then the dry cleaning method from uniquecleanz laundry services in Singapore is perfect for you. This method doesn’t use harsh detergents or substances, so you will be able to easily maintain the quality of your favourite clothes. Simply contact your prospective laundry service provider if you want to know more of their cleaning options.

2. Opt for a Laundry Service With the Best Rates

There are numerous commercial laundry services available in the country, but not all of these companies provide quality service at an affordable price. That’s why it’s important for you to contact the best laundry company with the most reasonable service rate. Some service providers are willing to give additional discounts to their clients, allowing you to save extra money when you want to get your clothes cleaned quickly. There are also laundry businesses who provide free quotations, so you can easily manage your laundry cleaning budget.

3. Ask for a Warranty

Although not all companies in Singapore practise this, some laundry service providers provide warranties to protect their clients’ needs. This warranty gives you the right to ask for a refund or a project completion, so you can assure that you only get the best services from your prospective laundry company. Just make sure that you read the warranty policy being offered, so you will know all the details about the warranty system being used by your prospective service provider.

4. Read Customer Reviews

One way of assuring that you found a good laundry service in Singapore is through reading reviews from their previous clients. You can find these reviews from resources, such as blogs, directories, magazines and websites. A laundry business with good reviews tend to offer high quality services to their clients, which means you can count on them to provide you with the same quality of customer and laundry service as well.

5. Know Their Cleaning Method

Different commercial laundry services often have their own laundry methods for cleaning all types of clothes and delicate linens. This is why it’s crucial that you contact some professional companies to compare their respective cleaning methods. Reputable laundry companies tend to use a great method for safely cleaning any types of clothes. By getting this kind of laundry service, you will be able to reduce the shrinkage and colour fading problem on your clothes, and you get to keep them in their tip-top shape for quite a long time.

6. Inquire About the Pickup and Delivery Service

This trick can be very useful for individuals with quite a hectic schedule. Contact several laundry companies in Singapore and ask about their pickup and delivery service. You will be able to save some of your valuable time with this service, since your prospective service provider will be the one to pick up and deliver clothes once the cleaning process is done. Do note though that not all laundry companies offer this type of service for free, so it’s better to ask them outright about any service charge related with it.

7. Ask for a Quotation

Asking for quotations beforehand will definitely help in managing your laundry budget. When asking for a quote for your laundry service in Singapore, ensure that everything is itemized. It should include details about the cleaning procedure like the labour cost, laundry fee, insurance fee and other additional fees. Knowing all these important details will help you in efficiently managing your laundry budget, and figuring out which laundry company offers excellent services at a reasonable price.

8. Schedule in Advance

Booking a laundry appointment in advance will definitely help freeing some time in your busy schedule. Some companies offer round-the-clock laundry service in Singapore, allowing you to contact them anytime you want. Plus, scheduling in advance also lets you know as to whether or not they will be able to provide you the services you need on a specific date. Some service providers also have professional customer representatives who will help you book your laundry schedule in a quick and easy manner. With this, you no longer need to personally visit their shop just to set a washing, drying and pressing schedule for your clothes and delicate linens.

With the good number of laundry service providers present in the market these days, looking for one that offers the services you need can be a quite challenging and tricky. By remembering and putting these tricks to work, however, you will definitely be able to find a laundry company that’s capable of providing the kind of laundry service that you need.

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