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Property Management: How to Waterproof Your Property

Whether your condominium building is newly built or not, one of the important property management duties you should never take for granted is providing the structure with proper waterproofing.

Letting moisture penetrate doesn’t only cause problems the property’s structure, but also affects its selling value, making it hard for your managing agent to look for new tenants. It can also cause damage to the paint work and finishing of the building. Major structural repairs can be extremely expensive, therefore it is important to perform regular estate maintenance with your property manager from Singapore like and ensure that your property is properly waterproofed.

Waterproofing Procedure

Perhaps, you’ve heard from your condo manager that all parts of your building, house or any property needs to be waterproofed, and each of these parts may require different waterproofing method.

One of the easiest ways to waterproof is treating the bricks of the building. This will prevent moisture from penetrating the walls and also help you save from your electric bill as the cooling of your AC unit will not escape through the walls. To seal the brickwork, repaint the exterior walls of the building using a special type of outdoor paint, which is weatherproof and more durable than regular wall paint.

If you’re thinking of hiring unlicensed workers, consider that repainting for the purpose of waterproofing requires skills and may need special compounds that only professionals can provide. So make sure to ask your managing agent to look for certified Singapore painting contractors.

Damp Proofing

This procedure is a meant to prevent damp in the walls of homes and buildings that can cause major property damage. Rising damp, one of the most common property problems, is the moisture trapped within the walls, and looking for ways to escape by evaporting.

To protect walls from rising damp, damp-proof treatment should be part of your estate maintenance. This requires professional assistance from damp proofing professionals who will assess the property and then install the substance with the use of special injection. Ask your condo manager for recommendations of the best professionals you have nearby.

The cost of this treatment varies depending on how much work is required. Factors like how many units are affected by the damp, the size of the affected area, and the location of the problem (e.g. ground floor or higher floors), which calls for the use of bigger equipment—which will dictate the final cost of the waterproofing service. Also, check if the gutters of your condominium buildings require waterproofing. Ask estate info from Singapore to have it checked and waterproofed by a waterproofing company as water can buildup in it and may cause dampening of building walls.

Roof Protection

Aside from walls and gutters, the roof should also undergo regular estate maintenance to ensure that it offers utmost protection to the entire structure of your building. If the condominium building has flat roof, or a part of it is flat, the more it requires to be waterproofed as flat roofs are more susceptible to damage. Also, have the roofed checked regularly, ideally before and after wet seasons, for damaged flashers, missing shingles, and loose tiles.

Once you have your entire property waterproofed—gutters working, walls damp-roofed, brickwork sealed, and roof in perfect condition, you should be ready for wet seasons. Waterproofing is an essential part of property management. It doesn’t only protect you from more costly renovation expenses, but ensures the safety of your tenants and their possessions as well.

4 Money Tips of Adults

Being an adult means asking yourself once in a while “am I doing it right?” One way to know if you are acting within the parameters of being an adult is asking the older generations. Their vast experience will give you multitude of lessons and ideas but sometimes you will realize that you are living in different times.

money in the hands

With money talks, sometimes it is hard to listen to older ones because they have different ideas. It is not easy to manage money but you have to do it anyway. Here are some general money tips that you should consider:

1.       Establish a system for your bills and receipts

For paper bills, sometimes it is easy to ignore them because you tend to misplace them once you received them. That should not be your practice. Paper bills should be put in one place and then identify which are your priorities. It would help to put them together but sort them according to their category either by dates or priorities. If you are now paperless, at least create a folder in your email especially for your bills and receipts.

2.       Pay your bills individually

When companies start to bill you, it doesn’t matter who comes first because they have their own cut off and due. The ideal thing to do is avoid lumping the billing dates together. Many tend to lump payment of bills on the day of pay day but that will exhaust all your money and you will struggle until the next pay day. The quickest and easiest solution is to adjust the billing dates so you do not struggle from pay check to pay check. If it is possible, call your service provider and change dates.


3.       Have a budget and stay within its limits

This is not a secret. As an adult, you have to have a budget. It will shape your spending. It sounds complicated and hard if you are starting to earn your own money but as you get along, you will ace it granting that you stay within your limits. It will be futile to have a budget but still you end up spending everything at one occasion.

4.       Save

The point of having a budget is to pay all things and still have savings left for the future. You are always reminded to save countless of times and it is time that you actually execute it. Having some savings is important and it entails being responsible because being an adult means having the freedom to buy anything you like.

Singapore is the most expensive city which means you really need these money tips. It is not easy earning money and you should do your best to safeguard whatever that’s left of you.


Amazing Beauty Uses of Aloe Vera Gel

Your mom was onto something when she cut the tip of an aloe vera leaf and squeezed its juice onto your sunburn. Studies have long showed that plant’s ability of healing minor wounds, not to mention its antibacterial, minerals and vitamins content that aids in easing eczema and psoriasis flare-ups. However, some creative and enterprising Singapore beauty experts already started using it as more than just a treatment for an occasional cut or rash. Here, we’ve listed down some of the amazing beauty uses of aloe Vera gel that you may add into your beauty regimen.


1. Makeup Remover

You’ve been itching to remove the raccoon eyes your washed-out mascara gave you, but the thought of applying harsh chemicals on your face is stopping you from doing it. A good solution? Opt for a homemade or store-brought aloe gel instead of using your chemical-based makeup remover. Simply squeeze out a dollop of aloe Vera gel onto a cotton ball and swipe all the makeup remains off your face. Now that’s a simpler and gentler makeup remover alternative.

2. Shaving Cream

In-the-know Singapore beauty buffs absolutely swear by pure aloe Vera as a perfect shaving cream. Not only is it anti-bacterial, which is great for healing nicks, it’s also slippery allowing you to get a much closer shave. You need to put aloe vera gel from Singapore on its own, or combine it with other nourishing ingredients to achieve a more luxurious shave.
To make a homemade aloe shaving cream, simply mix 1/3 cup of aloe vera gel, 1 tablespoon almond oil, 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil, five drops of eucalyptus oil, 1/4 cup hand soap, and 1/4 cup warm water. Once you’re done mixing all the ingredients, pour it into a clean foaming bottle or soap dispenser, and store into the fridge for up to six months.

3. Soothing Ice Cube

For this beauty use, simply grab an ice cube tray, fill it with pure aloe gel, and freeze it. These frosty fellows will surely be of great help when you experience too much sun exposure, bug bites, a run-in with your stove, poison ivy and even psoriasis.

4. Face Wash

Apart from being an amazing makeup remover, aloe vera can also serve as an excellent facial wash alternative. All you’ve got to do is mix a tablespoon of aloe Vera gel with a teaspoon of almond milk and lemon, then wash your face with it and leave it on for several minutes before washing it off. Since aloe is rich in antibacterial minerals, this facial wash is ideal for people with sensitive skin or those experiencing rosacea and acne breakouts.

In need of an anti-aging boost? Just mix a tablespoon of aloe with a teaspoon of organic coconut oil. Massage it on your hands until it warms up, then wash and rinse.


5. Exfoliator

Exfoliating may not be the most pleasant part of grooming, but performing it is essential if you want to achieve a fresh, glowing skin. aloe vera Singapore serves as a great base for your own homemade scrub as it helps in softening the skin and strengthening its tissues to reveal a more vibrant skin.

For a homemade exfoliator, just mix 1/2 cup of aloe Vera with enough baking soda or brown sugar to get that gritty texture. After that, rub the mixture on your heels, arms, elbows, or whichever part needs softening.

6. Mouth Gargle

When bad breath strikes, simply drink 1/4 cup of aloe gel that’s dissolved in a half a cup of apple juice or water as suggested by your Singapore doctor. Aloe Vera is rich in an anti-inflammatory compound known as B-sitosterol, which soothes acid indigestion that primarily causes bad breath. Just resist the urge to jug down the mixture in large doses since aloe can work like a laxative.

7. Night Treatment

To improve your much needed beauty sleep, use an aloe vera hydrating mask before going to bed. To create your own mask, blend a three-inch cucumber with pure aloe juice and a half the egg white. Once you’re done, wear the mask to bed, and you’ll surely wake up with a refreshed and glowing skin.

8. Eyebrow Gel

While strong-looking eyebrows are gorgeous, tidiness is still essential in maintaining them. Achieve this by simply dipping a well-cleaned mascara wand in aloe gel and run it over your stray brows to give them a serious staying power sans getting sticky or hard.

If you happen to go overboard in using your tweezers, just mix one part of castor oil with one part of aloe gel to help your over-plucked eyebrows grow faster.

9. Foot Mask

Want to make your dry and cracked feet soft? Then incorporate aloe Vera Singapore into your homemade foot mask recipe. To do this, simply mix four tablespoons of aloe Vera gel with 1/2 cup corn meal, 1/2 cup oatmeal and 1/2 cup unscented body lotion. Once you’re done mixing, rub the mask all over your feet until it’s well-exfoliated. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, and then rinse it off using warm water.


10. Hand Sanitizer

Sick of your sanitizer that dries your hands out? Then create your own moisturizing hand sanitizer by mixing 1/2 cup aloe Vera gel with 20 drops of your favourite essential oil and 1/4 cup of alcohol. The sanitizer’s alcohol content will fight the germs, as the aloe soothes your skin. To use, just spritz once and rub it between your hands.

Aloe Vera is more commonly known for its cooling and soothing properties, but now, you know that it has more than these qualities to boot. So start incorporating aloe Vera into your beauty regimen now and see how the renowned miracle plant gives you an all-around beauty from your head down to your toes.

Reasons Why Some Children Find It Hard to Sing

It’s good to realize how small children naturally recognize sound and experiment with their own voices. While these first vocal attempts are imperfect from our point of view, it doesn’t prevent the little ones to express themselves vocally. These experimentations with their voices need support from a good singing model, either from the family or a singing lessons Singapore teacher, otherwise their singing won’t develop.


Other than not having a good model, there are a few more reasons why some children experience difficulties with singing. Although some of these are inevitable, one thing is for sure: singing can be learned through proper guidance and vocal lessons.

• Absence of Active Singing In the Environment

Decades ago, singing was a significant part of people’s day-to-day lives—for instance, mothers put their children to sleep by singing lullabies. However, today, the need for music has been transformed into the acceptance of ‘reproduced’ music. Mothers’ lullabies have been replaced by music from mp3s, radios, stereos, and other sound reproducing technologies. Moreover, the busy life we have today often causes parents not supporting their kids’ singing attempts. Some even prevent their children from singing. This can cause the child to lose his natural singing ability, since the muscles for vocal formation will weaken and lose their efficiency over time.

• Poor Physical Condition

Not everyone knows that good physical condition is a requirement in the proper formation of the voice. This is perceived in the same way that athletes cannot be competitive enough when their bodies aren’t trained. The sedentary lifestyle of the majority of adults in this generation could mean that even their children have the same way of life. This situation is even more dominant with city children who, due to the lack of activities, spend long hours at their computers or phones after getting home from school. An alternative to such a lifestyle is to allow children in Singapore to enjoy fun singing lesson so that they can engage in an alternative activity. Vital muscles in the body aren’t trained and in many cases may affect the body posture—for instance, slouching may cause the chest to curve and in turn prevents proper breathing. In general, when the body isn’t functioning the way it’s supposed to be, the voice cannot function correctly either.

• Bad Singing Models

Today, active music making is often replaced by passive listening. So instead of encouraging active singing, we force children to listen to performances of our contemporary singing idols. This doesn’t only lead to deterioration of good musical taste, but can also lead to possibly permanent damage to the function of the vocal cords. This generation’s singing role models, which are mostly made famous by the celebrity culture, are based on harsh vocal onsets. This advanced level of singing disrupts natural development of children’s voices and can cause damage to their vocal cords.

• Inadequacy of Vocal Trainers

The person who trains your child greatly matters in the development of his vocals. When enrolling your child in singing lessons Singapore, make sure that the trainer is a qualified vocal teacher. There are some teachers who cannot sing well and do not even have the aspiration to teach or at least help children appreciate singing with their natural voice. Out of ignorance, teachers who cannot sing well themselves could be allowing their pupils to create sounds in an improper manner, while those teachers who lack knowledge about natural singing could be forcing children’s vocals beyond their limits, resulting to vocal damage.


Common Defects in Children’s Voice

Vocal defects may appear as early as the child’s elementary years. The damage is often caused by incorrect tone development and incorrect use of the voice.

• Aspirated Tone

Aspirated tone, which is a vocal tone with unregulated breath mixed in, is considered as the most common vocal fault that’s usually a result of forced singing. The tension prevents the vocal cord from working the way it’s supposed to be and leads to incomplete cycle of producing sound.

• Sudden Off-Key

This commonly occurs during stage presentations, when the child feels shy, nervous, or is experiencing stage fright. For timid children, this feeling should subside over the years as they get used to the exposure. Another reason of sudden off-key is when a child mimics a certain tone. For this, the child’s only option is to work harder on singing with the natural voice. The teacher should be able to motivate the child to make full use of his natural voice and be confident with it.

• Vocal Cord Nodules

Nodules can occur through excessive shouting, which usually happen when children are playing in the playground or singing in a choir with poor vocal instructions. Surgery isn’t always necessary to get rid of nodules. If detected earlier, nodules can be removed through proper vocal exercises.

• Nasal Cavities

These are a fairly common vocal problem. When the child’s voice sound like it’s affected by a cold, this is likely because of an enlarged adenoid. No need to worry as removal of adenoid is only a minor procedure.

• Pronunciation Problems

Incorrect pronunciation of vowels, sharp and dull pronunciation of sibilants, and other pronunciation problems can be eliminated with speech therapy.

Singing is a talent that can be learned. Although every child is born differently—some are born more musically inclined while others are not—singing is a talent that can be improved through singing lessons. With the guidance of the right Singapore vocal trainer, it’s not impossible for your little one to be the next singing idol of his or her generation.


Marriage: Built with True Love

Actually, there’s no person that can break the power of love. When a person is in love to another person, you cannot stop them no matter what. As what many people say, love conquers all. There are no boundaries when you are embraced by love. You also cannot escape or hide love. It’s a unique feeling that is created. Even if you are marriage or not, old or young, stupid or smart, black or white, rich or poor, or perhaps big or small, you can still be in love.

True Love Couple Wallpapers (9)

Many people can testify the power of love. Like a retired woman who marry a young individual who recently finished his college degree. In the eyes of many people, they look at them as an illegal couple. Their eyes stare up and down making them fight for their love.

It is true that they can get a lot of criticism about their “grandmother-grandson relationship” but if their love is true, no one can stop them, even if Barrack Obama or perhaps the King of England stop them being in love with each other. Even if you kill one of them, the feeling will not stop. It keeps on growing until the end of time. On the other hand, it may stop to grow especially when there is a new seed that will develop.

true love

This will be the time that you will be in love to another person. Usually, when you are in love with the person who makes you happy, you will never forget them even if you say that you have moved on. Basically, you will again be in love but it is for another person and that person will only like a sealant that you only want to cover the heartache that you are suffering.


The Rule of Guarding your Heart

This may sound so obvious but still we cannot help ourselves to be tempted to do things that will sooner or later break our heart. It is really for prevention is better than cure.


Guard your heart, when someone you like has a girlfriend.

Have you ever experience to like a guy who has a girlfriend already? Then your friends will tell you that it is ok to like him and they even help you to get his attention. They will also assure you that as long as they are not married, you can still have him. Well, that is a lie that everybody believes in. Aside from being iniquitous to the girlfriend, you will surely end up being broken hearted because either ways he will not like you back or if ever you win against the girlfriend, you will always have the fear of him leaving you for someone else. No good relationship starts with ruthless conflicts.



Guard your heart, when someone you like has a wife.

Please, this is really something that every woman should put in her mind. When the guy has a wife already, better leave them alone. Even though he seems like he is your dream guy, you have no right to intercede in their marriage life. Even if the guy likes you also, better control yourself and find ways to get out of the picture.

Guard your heart, when someone you like doesn’t believe on the things that you believe in.

You better invest your feelings to someone who believes on those things that you believe in, for in the long run this is very essential. Let say, you are a Christian and he is not,  how will you tell him that you have to cancel your movie date because you have to  go to a church mates house to have  a bible study? He might not understand why you should do those kinds of things.


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