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Selfie Adventures in Asia

Memories are preserved with the help of pictures. These days, pictures are more than memories but a reflection of one’s lifestyle especially if shared in social media platforms. We colloquially call taking pictures as “selfies”. Many Singaporeans these days take selfies that show everyday actions like eating, going to work and even sleeping.


With this, there is no doubt that Asia is the world’s most selfie-loving region. TIME Magazine actually supplements this saying that five out of ten selfie capital in the world are from Asian cities. Actually, the top spot goes to Makati City in the Philippines. The city boasts of 258 (out of 100,000) residents who are incorrigible selfie takers.

If in this case we are avid fans of selfies and hankering to get the best selfies, there are must-take selfies that we have to consider. When we consider these selfies, we can say that we tried everything. Here are some must-take selfies:

  • Largest cave in the world: Somehow going to the largest cave and exploring it is safer than going to the crater of the volcano. Going to the largest cave in the world will remind us of Frodo and Galadriel. Taking the selfie will be breath-taking and magical at the same time. If we want this, we should head to Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam which is considered the largest cave in the world.
  • Foodie daredevil: People openly take pictures of their food and post it. They either want to recommend the place or purely tease others and show their good life.  However, for people who show their exotic foods reflect how brave they are in eating it. Putting anything in the mouth is something to be proud of. So, if we have something we need to document and show to the world that we can eat anything say critters, worms, tarantulas, crickets and cockroaches, we should go ahead.


  • Underwater selfie: Hanging out with “Nemo” and taking pictures are adorable but with sharks, it would be a disaster. Despite this, many people still consider taking pictures. Being in the presence of species like this is one of a kind that is why many people consider and brag it. We are free to take underwater selfies but we have to be cautious.

These are just selfies that make a difference. These selfies are not showed to brag of going to that place but an evidence of our bravery and strong will. We have to remember though that too much selfie will kill us. There are incidents where people die just to get that selfie. We have to know when it is time to stop.