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Getting the Most Out of Your Vacation

Companies encourage us to take vacations because it can boost our level of happiness. Vacations can improve our health which in return can put us in a better mood and thereby enhancing our productivity. However, when we reach our home, that happiness can rapidly fade. Going back to “reality” seems to decrease that happiness.


What should we do to make that happiness last longer? Well, the good news is that Yahoo Travel asked experts. Experts give their advice on how to maximize our vacation happiness. Here are the advices that we should consider:

1. Plan ahead (way, way ahead). According to Christine Carter, happiness expert and author of The Sweet Spot, people get inclination and joy in anticipation. This means that planning the vacation way ahead can give us time to think and talk about it. This alone can make us happy.

2. Go on a unique trip. Going on a unique trip is subjective because we have different notions of “uniqueness”. The key here is we find a place that connects to our personality and strength – we will surely remember these places for a long time even if we are done with that trip. This is according to Frank Farley, a psychologist who focuses on travel.

3. Travel with happy people. Christine Carter tells us that happiness is contagious – it means it is infectious. Carter further stressed that the happiness of a person is predicted by the happiness of the people around us. So, the best way to be happy during a vacation is to travel with happy people.



4. Make sure to relax. When we are in vacation, especially outside Singapore, we tend to engage in physical activities and visit some sights. This is a common mistake. Vacation is all about relaxing and while we are at it, we need to have lots of sleep. We should not fear being missed out. When we return home, we are very exhausted because we did not sleep a wink.

5. Take pictures right. When we are in vacation, we tend to take more and more pictures because we believe that it is the best way to keep memories. That is another common mistake. Taking pictures will only keep us from experiencing the place. The best thing that we should do it is take pictures at the right time – not often.

6. Come home day or two early. If the place is majestic, we do not want to go home and if we are going home, we have to stay until it is the last moment. This situation will create anxiety by catching that last flight and going to work after that. It is better to come home day or two early so we have the time to prepare and rest.