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The Best Way to Memorize

Okay, a lot of us have problems when it comes to memory. We can’t help it, most of us are just naturally forgetful. Sadly, there’s only so much we can remember. We’re pretty sure that everyone has fragments of their childhood but not the whole picture. We just don’t have room for everything. The brain is like a muscle and just like all other muscles, the brain needs to be exercised. A dull brain doesn’t grow or improve in performance. It does the exact opposite, you slowly become more and more forgetful.

There’s only so much we can do to improve our memory but unfortunately there are a few whose brains can no longer improve because of their biological structure and dna. Despite that, this should not stop anyone from learning and as we all know, our brain works in amazing ways. Memorization is about retaining a piece of information in our minds either permanently or temporarily.

Here are few ways to memorize better:

1. Key words
List the important key words and associate it fully with the certain things you have to remember. Some people even go as far as memorizing an acronym for the different things they have to remember. Organizing your thoughts is the best way to get organized as it is easier to find information if you know where they are put instead of finding an answer in a scattered brain.

2. Write it down
Writing something down again and again and again increases the chances of you being able to memorize something because not just your eyes but also your hand is involved. Associating different senses when you are trying to digest a piece of information makes it much easier for your brain to remember that piece of information.

3. Listen to it
There are a lot of applications right now that would easily transform text to speach and this is a great tool to help you memorize much easier. This is a great way to be able to listen again and again in your head to your lessons in places or moments when you can not take out your notes or books. Use technology to your advantage. You can even record the different lectures of your teachers. This is a great way for you to be able to memorize.

Memorization is very necessary not just when it comes to school or work but also when it comes to family and friends. Imagine forgetting you mother’s name! That would be disastrous! Improving your memory in the long run is something hard to do but with proper exercise, you might just be able to improve your memory. These exercises help you retain your memory even for temporary period but every once in a while, we end up making permanent memories along the way.