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Parent Talk: Discussing Puppy Love

Students are not always to blame for every incident that happens to them at school. It is the parents’ responsibility to guide and guard their children, especially when they are still young. On the other hand, if they are adolescents and need not to be guarded, they should definitely follow whatever your command is.


Through this, they can easily learn what they taught from school and from home.  When children follow the things that they are told to do, there is a big possibility that they will receive a present from their parents and they will also get good grades in school.

Sometimes, most children think that they know what to do even if they do not. They create ways to make things easier for them. But in actuality, they only make things more complicated. Therefore, they have to be guided properly.


There are so many teenagers today who are in a relationship that is called “puppy love.” They do this because they want to feel to be loved and they want to love other person aside from their parents and relatives. However, this so-called puppy love is oftentimes true.

It is actually a flirty thing wherein you just say to someone that you love him or her just to have partner and not for a reason that you want him or her very much. They are too young to have this girlfriend/boyfriend thing. Hence, it should be controlled.


Your Bundle of Joy’s Bundle of Happiness

Babies get stressed too you know. They deserve a spa every once in a while so they can relax and be calm. Yes, there is a baby spa. Baby spa is a thing now and just so you know, many parents are going crazy about it. It may not be available here in Singapore yet but the idea (of creating a baby spa) will surely cross the minds of entrepreneurs.


As for the moment, the baby spa is only available in Houston, Texas. The spa is called Float Baby. It gained worldwide attention after its opening last February 2014. To date, more than three hundred clients were catered. Here are some details about the baby spa:

  • Who can join? Babies from two weeks old to eight months old can join the baby spa.


  • What to expect? For 20 minutes, babies will float in a tiny pool. With this, babies will be provided with a doughnut-shaped floating device and waterproof diapers. The floating device will be put around the necks of babies. The floating devices are tailored according to the size of the babies so they can be comfortable. Parents should not be worried about the water because it is purified and comfy at 95 to 98° F plus it is washed daily.
  • What are the benefits of baby spa? After the floating, babies are taken out of the pool and they get a neonatal massage. Parents consider this because there are reports that the service increases cognitive and physical development of babies.

Though it is not yet available here in Singapore, as parents, we can only hope that will come here sooner. The baby spa will surely benefit our kids.