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What is Scabies?

Scabies can affect anyone in any part of the world if there is an infestation of the mite called the Sarcoptes scabiei on the skin. The mite will live and burrow in the skin, causing a maddening itchy rash.

How is Scabies Spread?
Scabies can be transmitted through direct skin-to-skin contact and through infested furniture and bedding, because the mites can survive for up to 72 hours even without a human host. It’s most likely that an entire family can be affected by scabies because of the proximity of the members, and mites themselves can live in the human host for as long as two months. They can survive in both cold and humid conditions, that is why scabies isn’t just limited to one are in the world. There is a common misconception, however, that these mites can be acquired from pets, but the Sarcoptes scabiei is a human mite, and the mites on your dogs and cats cannot survive on human skin.

What are the Symptoms of Scabies?
Even after the home is infested with the mites, the symptoms will not show up for at least three weeks. The first symptom is an intense itch, which usually intensifies at night. This is followed by scabies rash which appear mostly on the skin covered by clothing and accessories. Therefore, you will usually see the rashes on the armpits, in between the toes and fingers, belt line, buttocks, genitals, and chest. Babies also get rashes on their head, neck, and soles. If the person has a weak immune system, the rashes can appear crusted. The lesions caused by the mites will also resemble symptoms of other diseases, that is why it’s important to get a proper diagnosis to get the right treatment.

How is Scabies Treated?
The doctor will have to take samples of the skin by scraping off the eggs and mites in the lesions and inspected under a dermoscope. When the mites have been identified, the doctor will prescribe a topical cream or ointment that must be applied on the affected areas and left overnight for at least 8 hours. There are also other topical medications that the doctor might prescribe depending on the severity of the symptoms, and antihistamines might be recommended to reduce itching. If the scabies rash for example covers a large part of the body, or if the scabies rash is crusted, it may be necessary to prescribe oral ivermectin. This is taken as a single dose and can be repeated after two weeks to see improvements. Finally, the doctor will ask the person to wash the bedding, linen, and furniture which might be infested with mites. It is recommended that the linen and other washable items be soaked in hot water or dried in high heat. Dry-cleaning can also get rid of the mites, because they cannot survive without a human host for 72 hours.

Dengue Strikes Again in Singapore

Despite the fact that the Singapore government is deadly serious about eliminating the spread of dengue, there were still few death cases this year. According to the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the National Environment Agency (NEA), a 53 year old Chinese woman just recently died because of this illness. It was actually this year’s seventh dengue death case.


What is dengue?

It is a mosquito-borne viral infection. It is caused by the Aedes Mosquito. At first it is just like a flu-like illness and potentially can lead to fatal complications.

Why dengue leads to death?

Severe dengue is fatal because of the following:

  • Plasma leaking
  • Accumulation of fluid
  • Respiratory distress
  • Severe bleeding
  • Impairment of the organ20120604.122521_tnp_dengue

If I assume that I have dengue, what to do?

  • Go and seek for medical advice. It’s better to immediately ask for medical professionals to help you for the early detection and treatment of dengue.

Can I be immunized?

  • There is actually no vaccine for dengue.

How can I protect myself from dengue?

  • Eliminate the breeding site.  Make sure that there is no stagnant water in and out of your house. As simple as leaving your flower vase filled with water for 3 days will make these mosquitoes breed on it.  Make sure that your water storage containers are well covered.
  • Use mosquito repellent. Apply this every morning and night on the parts of your body that is always exposed.
  • Wear long sleeves and pajamas just to make sure that you are fully protected.
  • Sleep under a mosquito net.


Finding a Worthy Surgeon Overseas

There is nothing wrong if you want to be more than presentable. Every woman’s dream is to look beautiful but unfortunately, the society imposes the ideal beauty. If you think that you need to enhance your beauty, you should consider plastic surgery. Before indulging, you have to be sure that you really want it.


When you are decided, the next step would be finding a worthy and reputable surgeon. You can look for domestic or overseas surgeon. If you consider domestic surgeon, it will not cost you big. If you consider overseas surgeon, it will be more expensive. There are many surgeons in Singapore. You can also consider South Korea. Regardless of your choice, the important thing here is you are satisfied with the results.

If you think that there are many experts in South Korea, you should seriously consider the following things before you make your decision:


  • Do research carefully: Doing your research before flying to the surgeon is a must. Remember that you are not shedding a small amount of money. You need to scrutinize everything so you will not regret it or it will not be a waste of money. For example, in South Korea, you can begin by looking for accredited hospitals or clinics. You have to do much research before committing to it. You also need to listen to the reviews or comments of other people.
  • Do legwork: Before you sign a paper for the surgery, you need to visit at least four hospitals or clinics. Do not just depend on the pictures you saw in the internet. You should do the legwork and visit the hospitals and clinic. You need to see if it is conducive. One suggestion though, you should not base your decision on the cost.
  • Stick to your goals: You only went there to get your eyelids or nose fix but surgeons are suggesting for other things. If you have a budget in mind, you should stick to your goals or priorities. If you want your nose or eyelids this time, do not get tempted by other offers. The important thing here is you are not swayed.

Considering Singapore for your plastic surgery is not a bad choice. It will cost you big but the confidence it will bring is more than enough. It is an instant self-esteem booster. If you think that it can help you big time, do not let other people stop you.

May you feel good about yourself! Go and spread your beauty to the world.

Surgeon Tying Surgical Mask