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Satisfying the Foodie in Us

Singapore is not only colourful and vibrant. It is also tasty. There are different dishes here in Singapore  with various influences from Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Indian to satisfy the foodie in us. Modern restaurants also offer cuisines like Italian, American, French, Spanish and many more. Whatever we prefer, there is always something here in Singapore.


Most people here fancy modern restaurants. In fact, there are people who ignore or forget the dishes that truly define Singapore. If we want to satisfy the foodie in us, the best way is to start with the traditional foods. We should never forget the foods that we all grew up. Here are the some foods we need to get a taste before it is too late:

  • Popiah: Popiah is a healthy meal that features an assortment of vegetables and meat (like lettuce, bean sprouts, carrot, turnip, boiled eggs, Chinese sausage and prawns) enveloped in a thin wheat crepe, cooked to a golden crisp and lathered with a sweet sauce which is called hoisin.
  • Curry puff: Curry puff is an excellent snack. It is a baked pie enclosed in a crust. The pie is filled with chicken, egg, potato, curry gravy, sardines, yam or durian.
  • Duck rice: Not all people know about duck rice. This meal is hearty because it features duck strips and rice with braised sauce. There are restaurants that include eggs, peanuts and tau pok on the side.
  • Chicken rice: If there is duck rice, who will forget about the chicken rice? Traditionally it is called Hainanese Chicken rice. This is the country’s well-known dish.


  • Rojak: Rojak is a mixture of dough fritters, beancurd puffs, bean sprouts, roasted peanuts, radish, pineapple and cucumber.
  • Mee Siam: Mee Siam is vermicelli noddle soaked in sweet and spicy gravy (called Assam) with dried shrimp and bean paste. Mee Siam comes with beancurd puff, bean sprouts and boiled egg.
  • Ice Kachang: If we want something cool and refreshing especially during the summer, ice kachang is the perfect choice. The shaved ice comes with assorted ingredients like palm seed, red bean, jelly, grass jelly, chendol and many others.
  • Oyster Omelette: Oyster omelette is famous in Hawker centres here as well as night markets. If we love eggs, this is a must-try dish. It features eggs of course, potato starch and special chilli vinegar.
  • Wanton Mee: If we are craving noodles, wanton mee should be considered. The noodles are drenched with sweet sauce, pork slices and wanton dumplings.

There are a lot of foods that we should not miss. We need to support these foods so it will not be lost. These foods are more tasty if we share it with our loved ones.


Durian Could be Your Next Craving

Durian may be a favorite of many Singaporeans, but for some, the smell of it is enough to scare them off. Its taste might be heavenly, but its pungent aroma could be quite unbearable. So, what do you do to convert those “Durian phobic” into Durian lovers? Well give them one of these treats and they’ll surely fall head-over-heels in love with the King of fruits.


Spike “D”

Now, not everyone might have Durian as a choice for dessert, but is there anyone who doesn’t like chocolate? Concealing Durian under the delightful taste of chocolate is one sure-fire way to get everyone eating this strong-smelling fruit and Big O Cafe & Restaurant has undoubtedly perfected that technique. Spike “D,” a bestseller, is a Durian cake made from the best fresh Durians. This soft, Durian-laden sponge cake is then smothered with a rich coating of chocolate fudge. If you don’t believe how delicious this treat is, try it for yourself at 290, Orchard Road, #B1-08, Paragon, Singapore 238859.


Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice Cream

Everyone screams for ice cream, right? Udders Ice cream, located at 6 outlets, one of which is at Upper Thomson, offers a refreshing take on Durian Ice Cream. They use the Mao Shan Wang variant which is widely known in Singapore. With their finesse for creating unique, high-quality ice creams, they’ve come up with this rich flavor that’s complex with sweet and bitter tastes truly characteristic of the Mao Shan Wang Durian.

Durian Mousse

You couldn’t get any closer to the real thing than Dessert Bowl’s Durian Mousse. Their formula is simple: Durian blended in their signature smooth, sweet cream. And to top it all off, a good portion of the fresh fruit is placed in the middle of this sweet concoction. As for the taste, let’s just say that it is going to make you crave for another serving. Although the smell of their Durian Mousse could still be quite strong for your liking, don’t let this prevent you from trying out this dessert, because in the end enduring the smell is worth it. To see for yourself what others have already been raving about, head over to this bustling, little dessert shop at 80A Serangoon Garden Way.


What You Need to Know about Barbecue Catering

The important things you need to know about bbq catering and how to make grilling an easy task is right here! Read on to find out.

When To Have Singapore Bbq Catering
Catering is definitely perfect for large gatherings such as birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, and many more. Cooking for an event with a huge number of guests can exhaust all of your energy. To think, you are the host and so you should only be enjoying the party. In most cases, bbq wholesale companies in Singapore offer the best deals of bbq Singapore catering service. If you come to analyse it, it’s actually cheaper and cost-effective to hire a caterer than to have yourself prepare bbq food for a big crowd.


Bbq Catering for a Birthday Bash
A birthday bash is all about gifts, fun, and food. What a perfect way to hold such celebration than to have abundance of deliciously done bbq food for everyone.

Bbq wholesale providers in Singapore can satisfy the palates of your guests. Good party foods that will surely delight everyone in your guest list include hamburgers, sausages, chicken wings, and satay. All these food delights can surely make your guests crave for more.
A Charcoal Bbq VS. A Gas Bbq

There are two types of grills to choose from: a charcoal or a gas grill. Whether it is for bbq wholesale purposes or just for personal use, it’s important to take note of the significant difference between the two. Charcoal grills are for authentic style of grilling and can be less expensive. Bbq food cooked in charcoal grill has smokier taste. On the other hand, gas grills can cook food a lot faster and are easier to clean too. This is the reason why Singapore bbq catering companies in Singapore would always prefer gas grills.


Helpful Utensils for Barbecuing
Bbq utensils are intended to make grilling a lot easier. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have the right utensils, barbecuing can be unsafe. You need to flip over the bbq food from time to time, seeing to it that it is evenly cooked over the hot charcoals. You have to adjust the charcoal every now and then and move the grill if necessary. In doing all of these, you need to avoid accidents and injuries. Some helpful utensils for barbecuing include a spatula for flipping the food, tongs for getting the food once it has been cooked, and a brush for putting marinade and other sauces onto the meat to make it more delicious. These are just basic utensils but are sure to help you grill with style.