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Splash! Water Adventures Perfect for Yuppies

A perfect chill-out awaits you at places where the heat of the sun is on, big waves splash along the shore, soft white sand touch your feet, and a there’s a cold drink waiting for you when you get thirsty. Summer is about to begin so check your bikinis if they still fit you. Time for men to show their abs to the ladies in the island. Get away from the city, leave your business there, pack your bags, and travel around Singapore.


Wave House Sentosa

Get ready for some big waves which will take you away. One of the best surfing areas aside from California, is the Wave House Sentosa. Here, there are two artificial wave simulators, the FlowRider and the FlowBarrel. But before you get along with the waves, boost your energy at the bar and have some cold drinks such as beer, classic margaritas, island tea, and etc.


C-Side was recently launched with five distinct beachfront outlets, namely Coastes, Bikini Bar, Sand Bar, and Flame and Makan. Each venue offers a unique set of entertainment: Coastes offer a variety of drinks, food, entertainment, activities, and promotions. Bikini Bar is best for its well-known beach beer for the young ones, the Bintang.

Aside from the youthful features of the bar, a resident DJ is on deck to jam with you together with his hip hop tunes, R&B themes, and other latest songs. Events such as the Beerkini fest, beach games, and crazy beer promotions will let guests enjoy. The Sand Bar is a casual cocktail reception with no shoes on. Serving beers and cocktails chilled with live music. The Flame is newly launched where hungry people can enjoy barbeque on the go. Makan also brings delicious delicacies to the seaside.


Azzura Beach Club

Azzura Beach Club is a festive playground on the beach side with indoor and outdoor dining, nightclub space, and a swimming pool for hot travellers. Since Azzura is operating for the whole day, it serves casual food and drinks that will surely make you stay for longer hours. Play volleyball during daytime and visit The Harem Nightclub when the sun goes down.

Tanjong Beach Club

Enjoy the beautiful scenery at the Tanjong Beach Club. A lot of people would travel far just to get there. An all-day menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is perfectly served for you. A beach party with the coolest DJ on earth will give you a crazy night. Since Tanjong is one of the best, visit it at once and rock with young people even on your forties.

Bora Bora Beach Club

Cancel your appointments today and dine with your family and friends at the Bora Bora Beach Club where barbeque, light snacks, and a western and local classics will surprise your day. This place is for people who wants to relax, unwind, and relieve the stress from work. There’s an indoor and outdoor terrace dining, a bar with a pool table, sun-loungers and tables along the shore.

If the wonders of this nature is just a piece of land where we can chill and relax, well no one should leave the country without such experience like this.


Cuisine Masters: 5 Chefs in Singapore

“A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” – best quote from female chefs. Men wants a woman who can cook for them; a partner whom they want to be with for the rest of their lives. A man who is practical in life would rather choose a woman who is good in the kitchen than those women who are always seen in restaurants asking for a waiter’s attention.


What would be a man’s reaction if a female chef serves them a plate of delicious meal? Five of those famous female chefs cook the best cuisines a man should try.

Cheryl Koh – Pastry Perfectionist

Cheryl Koh, 36 years old, a pastry chef in Les Amis group since 2010, had opened Tarte at Shaw Centre in Singapore. Being the Asia’s Best Pastry Chef, she continued to inspire people as she say: “I hope to continue to learn, and inspire good people to cook and eat well.” Oh well, she is the sweetest cake ever!

Sabrina Stillhart – Chef at the Bread Street Kitchen

At the age of 17, she started to open an avenue for her cooking skills. She worked as a kitchen apprentice because of her eagerness to learn everything about the culinary world. She is currently the Executive Chef at Bread Street Kitchen located at Marina Bay Sands. As she said: “I’d like to think that the industry has progressed enough to let the food speak for itself, regardless of the chef’s gender.”

Lena Chan – Confectionary Queen

Just to pursue her passion in baking, Lena Chan left her banking career decades ago. She enrolled herself in the famed Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. It turned out that after she sacrificed her hobby in working in the bank, it was the right decision because she opened a cake shop named Mad About Sucre together with her brother Erik.


She had never been happier when she spend long hours in the kitchen creating confections from scratch. “Being a chef is about charting your own course based on your own belief, and running at your own pace, in your own shadows, with your own shoes,” Chan said.

Janice Wong – Sugar Scientist

Janice Wong is best in making sweets into a more creative way. Her pastries range from edible chocolate paint that comes in 38 vibrant hues to chocolates in quirky flavours of chilli padi and bak kwa. Wong was one of Singapore’s most prominent pastry chefs. She was named as as Asia’s best pastry chef twice at the 2013 and 2014 San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony. She is now operating her sweet shop at Marina Bay Sands.

Karla Mendoza – Muscle Woman

Two decades of spending her life in the kitchen, Karla Mendoza, born in the Philippines, is an Executive Chef in Pizzeria Mozza outlet in Los Angeles. Hand-crafted pizzas were her masterpiece. Mendoza says, “In the US, the women are not treated any differently from the men. I do the heavy work just as much as the men do, often I’m better at it than the men.”