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Commemorating the 72nd Battle of Singapore

NHB (National Heritage Board) have put in place many guided tours to commemorate the 72nd Battle of Singapore. The Battle of Singapore happened on February 8 and February 15, 1942. It was also called the fall of Singapore to the Japanese. The war in Singapore defeated the British Army. In fact, the defeat was one of the greatest defeats of British Army in World War II.


If you can recall, the bomb at Hiroshima put an end to Japanese rule and invasion. To honour the memories of the war, NHB thought about conducting guided tours. Here are some guided tours to commemorate the 72nd battle of Singapore:



  • Interactive Battlefield Tours

The Interactive Battlefield Tours will occur in Labrador Park and Kent Ridge. The schedule will be on February 8 and February 15. The first tour for both places will start from 9am to 10am and the second from 10:30am to 11:30am. The meeting point is set in Labrador MRT station. The maximum capacity for this guided tour is 20 participants per tour.

  • Tiong Bahru Air Raid Shelter Tours

Tiong Bahru Air Raid Shelter is the only enduring pre-war raid shelter. The schedule will be on February 8 and February 15.  The first tour will start from 2:30pm to 3:30pm and the second from 4pm to 5pm. The meeting point is set in Block 78 Guan Chuan Street. The maximum capacity for this guided tour is 20 participants per tour.

  • The Adam Park Project Tours

Adam Park Project unearthed battlefield remains at Adam Park. The schedule will be on February 8 and 9. The February 8 tour starts from 9am to 10am. The first tour in February 9 starts from 9am to 10am and the second tour is from 110:30am to 11:30am. The meeting point is set in Adam Road. The maximum capacity for this guided tour is 20 participants per tour.

  • Marsiling Tunnels Tour

The Marsiling Tunnels are used by the British Army as a fuel reserve. When the Japanese occupied Singapore, they also used it as a fuel reserve. The schedule will be on February 8 and February 15. The first tour will start from 9am to 10am and the second from 10:30am to 11:30am; there will be a Mandarin tour from 11:30 to 12:30am. The meeting point is set in Kranji MRT station. The maximum capacity for this guided tour is 20 participants per tour.

  • Opium Hills Tours

Opium Hills will be exciting because it will be on the evening of February 8 and February 15. The tour will commence from 6pm to 8pm and another one from 8:30pm and 10:30pm. The meeting point is set in Coffee Shop located in Pepys Road. The maximum capacity is 20 participants per tour.

The five tours are free. If you are interested in any of the tours, you should visit the website of NHB right away. In the website, you will be asked to register regardless of the tour. You are also advised to come on time to follow the schedule. The tours are between forty five minutes to one hour. The tours are open for people aged 12 years-65 years (excluding Marsiling Tunnels Tour).



A Guide to Purchasing Oil Paintings for First Time Buyers

For many years, oil painting has been among the object of admiration and desire for many people in Singapore. Connoisseurs, collectors, and even homeowners have found exceptional beauty in this form of art. Nowadays, the availability of online art galleries has made this abstract art even more popular and accessible to more people of Singapore.

If you’re among those people wishing to own a piece of oil painting, search through the Web for a legit online art gallery and follow these simple steps to make searching convenient for you.


Decide Where to Put It

Before you start searching the internet for contemporary art pieces, know first where to hang or put the oil painting. Decide where in your house to hang it and which particular wall. These considerations are important because your choice of painting should complement or match the existing accessories and furniture in that particular area of the house.

If you’re planning to put it in a room that is already decorated with a lot of patterns, colors, and sophisticated elements, then a lighter and simpler kind of painting will balance the visual appeal of the room. However, if the room sports a modern style then go for a contemporary art piece with bolder designs and brighter colors.

The size of the room should also be considered when searching for an oil painting. Large rooms with spacious floor area and pastel-colored walls look great with big landscape paintings. On the other hand, small study room with bookcases and nothing much else in it will suffice with a simple painting or a small portrait.


Decide how much you’re willing to an affordable art gallery in Singapore to spend for an art piece. Do you want to go lavish in your acquisition by purchasing an expensive authentic piece from a well-known artist, or can you settle for something that doesn’t require you to shell out more?

Oftentimes, the size of the painting also dictates its value. Therefore, it’s wise to take note the estimated size of the painting you’re planning to purchase when setting a budget.

Whether you’re willing to spend a fortune or just a few dollars for an oil painting purchase, it’s important to know that you’re paying for an authentic piece and not for fakes or reproductions sold in original prices. The best thing to do to avoid such circumstances is to hire a professional art appraiser, if you’re not an expert in differentiating authentic from fake art pieces. Another way is to deal only with a reputable art gallery.


Purchase Process

The fastest way to search for art paintings is to visit an art gallery in your locality or a reputable online art gallery website that specializes in the type of art you’re looking for. Browse and look for art pieces that suit your requirements. If browsing online, make sure to set your monitor’s resolution to its maximum for you to have a close-to-reality view of the art piece.

After you have decided, check the purchase for any hidden charges. Inquire about additional by asking the gallery in-charge or by reading the terms and conditions. Furthermore, take note of the shipping charges and refund policy in case unfavorable events happen.

Lastly, it is always strongly recommended to only deal with trusted Singapore on-site or online art galleries. Read customer’s testimonials and ask for references to ensure you’re dealing with reliable business.

The Things that You Should Know about ISA

abolish-isa-singapore_0Everyone should be familiar with ISA (Internal Security Act). ISA is a statute that endows the executive to impose detention for cases of subversion, violence and other issues that can threaten public order or national security without trial. The MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) will endorse the suspected person under ISA to the President.

If the President is convinced that the person poses a great danger or threat to the republic and its people, he/she may be detained by MHA for up to two years. After the detention period, the president will issue further instructions. In the case of Muhammad Hanif bin Salamat, MHA announced on January 9, 2014 that he has been detained for two years.

If you want to know about the prohibitions of ISA, you should refer here:

Political & quasi-military associations and organizations

Chapter I of ISA discusses about the barring of activities and actions of political & quasi-military associations and organizations. It is a felony to participate in any activities (like training, drilling, wearing of uniform, etc.) that seeks to take over the armed forces or the police. It is a serious crime to conspire and support someone else to usurp government forces.

Banning of destabilizing publications & documents

Chapter III of ISA discusses about the responsibility of the minister to ban the publications or printing presses that print or reveal subversive actions against the government. The Minister may forbid the printing, publication, sale and circulation of documents that can provoke violence, disobedience, rupturing of peace and other acts of hostility which can affect the national interest or national security.

Shutting down exhibitions & entertainments

Chapter IV of ISA discusses the power of the MHA Minister to order shutting down of exhibitions & entertainments that can threaten or compromise national interest. Exhibition refers to the presentation of goods (like books, films, pictures, etc.). Entertainment refers to any amusement activities (like concert, games, sport, etc.). It is an offence to promote these things especially if it will undermine the national interest and national security.

Supressing violence

Chapter I of ISA gives power to the President with the advice from the Cabinet to declare any area here in Singapore a “security area”. If the president believes that a specific area is seriously threatened or disturbed and it causes fear or anxiety or several citizens, he may proclaim a “security area”. If threats are not present, the President will rescind it or the Parliament can pass a resolution to terminate it.

The public and the government need to feel that they can sleep well at night. It is important that the republic is kept safe from threats like subversion, terrorism and espionage. Because of Singapore’s openness and multi-ethnicity, it is vulnerable to attacks. Good thing the government thought about ISA well.