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Misleading Words Used By Marketers


For any product consumed or applied, consumers deserve to know whether it is safe or not. This is the reason why the government regulates all that is consumed and applied but sometimes, marketers and manufacturers find way to sell products or services. Knowing this, you have to be careful with the things that you are buying.

Here in Singapore, you will see labels claiming that a product is “nontoxic” or maybe “organic”. When they claim it, it is always best to look into the label and see if that is true. The ingredients or contents are undeniable so always look for it. Sometimes when marketers are too keen on advertising, you won’t bother checking the label. Do you know that sometimes they use misleading words? What are these words that you have to avoid when buying products?

Here is the list:

“Dermatologist Tested” or “Hypoallergenic”

Sometimes when you buy a cosmetic, you prefer labels saying “dermatologist tested” or “hypoallergenic” but in truth, manufacturers are not obligated to conduct any tests to provide that the products work. There is actually no organization behind this claim and if you notice, the company that is making the product only claims it.

“Environmentally Friendly”

When you see a product claiming that it is “environmentally friendly”, you consider it immediately because you think you are helping the environment. The truth is, the government does not encourage the usage of such words because it is vague and broad.

“Fragrance Free”

There are those people who are allergic to synthetic oils that give fragrance. For these people, products claiming “fragrance free” are preferable but they have to be careful. “Fragrance free” label does not mean there is no fragrance at all. The fragrance is just being covered up by synthetic ingredients which are more dangerous to you.


You often look for this word on the label thinking that it is pure and comes from nature. But sometimes, these claims are baseless. For example, a company may claim that their moisturizers are “100% natural” but it is not. Moisturizers have synthetic preservatives and fragrances that can take a toll on your health.


This is another misleading word because major or top brands easily claim that their products are “organic” but in fact it only contains little or no organic ingredients. For example, a shampoo company claims ingredients used are purely “organic” but wait till you read the label. There is actually no “organic ingredient” instead synthetic like glycol and propylene which are damaging to your health.

Now that you are familiar with the words, you should remember it and caution others too.

Making News-Worthy Event with the Help of Stand Builders

A customized exhibition stand is an incredible solution to improve your corporation’s presence during a trade show or convention where a lot of future clients will be walking around. Once you can attract those visitors to your area, you could possibly maximize your product sales. This can be done by working with stand builders Singapore to construct creative exhibition stand designs that can draw in valued clients and even business partners.

Business conversation

Even though these functions may last a few days at most, the exposure you obtain could be very beneficial. Those new clients may convey to their families and friends about your enterprise resulting in new more clients. They may also end up as regular customers which will bring about even more sales over time. Also those business partners you end up with might just be what you need.

The most essential thing to remember when producing an exhibition stand is the fact that you must take the visitors away from your rivals and draw them to you. But carrying this out isn’t easy. The trade event will probably be loaded with many other businesses as well as their stands intending to acquire prospects just like you.


Your exhibition stand design should be innovative enough to be noticeable. Don’t just stick with a monotonous one with some chairs along with leaflets. In case you don’t know how to make your stand, look into the trade fair and identify what kind of individuals will be participating. Will these people be attracted to stands that happen to be excessively innovative? Or are they going to prefer a more professional looking stand?

The location of your exhibition stand is very important. Even though you have a great exhibition stand design, if your exhibition stand is located at a portion of the venue where nobody goes to, you can end up losing prospective customers. Check out the structure of the area initially to know where to place your stand. You might want to place it nearby the stage if there’s a performance being carried out.

You can also place your stand near the entrance so people will see it right away upon coming into the location. There are certain factors you must never undertake and one of them is utilizing a stand that is collapsing. The potential customers will probably presume you are unprofessional and definitely will go to your competitors. You certainly don’t want that from happening.

You also shouldn’t make use of a stand that falls short of branding. The goal of your stand is to exhibit your venture. What good would your stand be if it is not going to show others of your business? Include leaflets and put a business logo anywhere on the stand. Neglecting a display stand is one common slip-up.

Some choose to go over their business sales pitches without assuming that there won’t be someone to present to if no person comes to their exhibition stand. And no one will come if you will just be standing up there with a basic backdrop. They will go to those with inventive exhibition stand designs. Engaging with stand builders Singapore will help you make the stand you desire to attract the prospective consumers you need.