Beware of Spalling Concrete

Spalling concrete remained to be a problem here in Singapore. Last April 23, 2013, there was an incident that scared the Ming Family- slices of spalling concrete fell from their ceiling. They reside at Jurong East flat. The 74 year old Robert Ming suffered a cut on his left shoulder after the fall. Good thing there was no one directly below the spalling concrete.

A spokesman said that the incident is due to the normal weakening of old buildings. Spalling concrete is characterized by breaking up, flaking or erosion of concrete. Apparently there are various factors that affect spalling concrete aside from weakening of old buildings. Other factors include environment and poor installation.


Signs of spalling

Signs of spalling can be identified easily. The surface will turn out to be flaky and rough. There are cases that mass off concrete break free from the installation. You will see some cracks too. You should know that the longer you let the spalling, the higher the risk of serious damage. You don’t want that.

How to address spalling

When you notice signs of spalling, you should look for your developers so they will act on it immediately. You can address spalling by painting your ceiling frequently, close holes/cracks correctly and offer adequate ventilation.

Residents or homeowners want to be safe in their houses but how can they enjoy the comforts of their house if they cannot foresee the falling of concrete? It is important to look out for the signs and repair or fix it immediately to avoid any further damage or injuries.

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