How Can We Handle Rejection Better?

Whether it’s for a job or a romantic relationship, we experience rejection many times throughout our lives. You can’t deny that you’ve never been rejected. In Singapore and even all around the world today, the effect of being rejected is somehow being magnified simply because of the internet. We use social media, for example, to connect with others and gain their attention. So, how can we take a step back and handle rejection better?

Have a backup plan

If you’re the kind of person who gets over rejection easily, you’ll know that having a backup plan possibly the most practical way to handle rejection. If you get rejected, you can easily go to plan B and keep moving from there. This, of course, applies to getting rejected from a job and the like, but not with relationships. Got rejected by the girl you like? Move on to girl B – this is a big no-no. Don’t go around and be a heartbreaker!

Expect rejection but accept it if it does happen

Simply put, you simply should not assume anything until the decision is final. Expect to fail just as much as you expect to succeed, because that’s just the way life is. This makes it easier for you to take in rejection. If you do get rejected and it’s unbelievably painful for you emotionally, then acknowledge it instead of bottling it all up. This way, you can let that negativity flow through you instead of keeping it in your thoughts.

Do activities that help you think positively

Obviously, thinking positively does more than just help you get over rejection. When you’re always positive, you won’t fear rejection, rather you’ll easily be able to reflect on the reasons behind you getting rejected. With that, choose to do hobbies and activities that you enjoy. You can go to karaokes, paint cycle or hike around park connectors, just anything that you like to do. Doing activities that you like help you relieve some stress and more importantly, keeps your thoughts positive.

Dissociate rejection and pain

You’ll find this easier following the point above about thinking positively. If you learn to separate the feeling of pain from rejection, you will be better able to reflect on yourself. You will learn to see which patterns in your behavior and attitude can lead to you being rejected. Basically, you use rejection as a learning experience because it simply is a learning experience.

Consider opportunities with the least chance you’ll be rejected

Let’s say, for example, you applied for 6 jobs and did not get accepted one at all. This might sound really depressing on your side, but there are a lot of things to consider still. You are a fresh graduate from a renowned school but 4 of the 6 job openings you applied for require 1 year of working experience. So, of course, you wouldn’t easily get accepted. Simply put, choose opportunities wisely.

Dessert Go-to’s to Beat the Heat in Singapore

Anyone in Singapore, locals and foreigners alike, constantly look for ways to beat the heat. You can go to the beach and take a swim, or you can go to airconditioned malls to shop (or window shop). But if you want to just sit down and chill, there’s no better way to keep cool than to have a nice cold ice kachang. Being one of the staple desserts in Singapore, you can easily find ice kachangs and other cool desserts in food halls and hawkers centres.

Here are some the best places to get your fill:

Jin Jin Hot and Cold Dessert

Jin Jin Hot and Cold Dessert is famously known for their “Gangster Ice”. Liu Mang Bing is a shortened Chinese term that basically translates as Durian/Mango Ice. Liu Mang, coincidentally, means gangster in Chinese hence the name of the dessert. This then has served as a great marketing strategy for Jin Jin. But make no mistake, the Liu Mang Bing is a great dessert to have given the mango cubes, the sweet durian puree, and the condensed milk covering the shaved ice. They also have another famous iced sweet dessert called Power Chendol which is definitely a must-try as well.

Mei Heong Yuan Dessert

What sets Mei Heong Yuan’s ice kachang apart from others is the shaved ice itself. They use a more high-tech ice shaving machine that produces thinner ice than the traditional ones. There are times when the shaved ice can get gritty and rough, but not here. Once you try their ice kachang, you’ll immediately notice the difference in texture and smoothness of their shaved ice with that of other stalls. Two of their famous ice kachangs are the sesame-almond shaved ice and the mango shaved ice.

Annie’s Peanut Ice Kachang

If you’re tired of having the same kind of ice kachang, you should try Annie’s Peanut Ice Kachang. If you’re wondering what’s different, it’s in the name. That’s right, peanuts! Here, ground peanuts are added to the ice kachang. You might say that that sounds like it isn’t much but wait ‘til you try it. Because peanuts are not a common addition to ice kachangs, you’ll have quite a new experience. The ground peanuts add a certain crunchiness along with the sweetness of other toppings.

Dove Desserts

Though Dove Desserts have ice kachang, they are better known for their chendol. In fact, a lot of people say they have some of the best chendol in Singapore. Chendol is an iced dessert that contains green rice flour jelly, coconut milk, and gula melaka or palm sugar syrup. Those three key ingredients are highlighted here in Dove Desserts. The homemade green jelly has the gentle taste and scent of pandan with a soft and bouncy texture. The coconut milk and the gula melaka are also fresh and definitely superior in quality.

5 Amazing Ways to Give a New Spin to Your Old Furniture

With 2019 already starting, it’s high time you greet the year with a new interior that looks fresh, calm, and inviting – and while adding a paint job toy our walls can be easier, it might be a little trickier with the furniture.

But the good news is there’s no need to ditch your existing furniture. Here’s how you can give them a new spin to work with your new home interior’s design and layout (or even just improve them after being in your house for a long time):

            1. Oil it

Wood can dry out and develop cracks over time, which is why one way to take care of it and maintain its appearance is by simply applying a wood polish or conditioner to the wood’s surface using a cloth pad, and letting it dry for a solid thirty minutes.

            2. Give it a new polish

If your wood furniture has a worn finish, you can easily restore it by giving it a good polish with fine paste wax that’s appropriate for the type of wood, though you may have to strip off the old finish by scraping it off using super-fine steel wool along with a wax remover.

            3. Add a new coat of paint

Wood can also be painted to add interesting contrast to your interior wall colors, as well as make for beautiful accent pieces that are sure to stand out.

Believe it or not, you can even do the same for leather upholstery. There are specific acrylic paints you can get that are dedicated for painting leather, which is great news if you want to make your leather couch match the rest of your home decor.

            4. Darken it with a stain

Staining wood can be intimidating at first, but when you get the hang of it, you can darken your furniture as a way to provide the adequate amount of contrast to the light and color in your interior walls.

Stains also make wooden furniture appear that much richer and more sophisticated as a result, making cheap stools, cabinets, and shelves look a lot more expensive than they really are.

            5. Give it a deep clean

Whether it’s your wooden chairs or your leather sofa, the first thing you need to do to take care of them is to give them a deep clean. For wood, this means getting rid of the varnish and stains using a specific chemical and super-fine steel wool.

For sofas and other types of upholstery, this is best taken care of using a vacuum cleaner with different attachments that can reach in tight spots that can house dust and dirt.

Organizer Items Everyone Should Have at Home

Everyone needs the right tools and systems that work for them to turn their homes around from cluttered areas into functional spaces, but they don’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can get these items right now and start getting organized to make sure you have a smooth 2019 ahead of you:

  1. Drawer dividers

Having too much storage space can sometimes be just as bad as having too little storage space, so by having a divider, you can partition that space to have just enough for the items while also keeping them from mixing into each other.

If you can’t find dividers, you can always make them on your own using strips of wood panel screwed together.

  • Baskets

No matter what room you use them in, baskets are always a great storage option that keeps visual clutter to a minimum and turns messy rooms into functional areas with ample space.

Instead of baskets, you can also opt for dedicated plastic storage boxes where you can easily house all kinds of items without needing to worry about where to find them later on.

  • Multiple trash cans

When it comes to properly getting rid of trash no matter where you are in your home, you can never have just one. Place a trash can in different areas to serve different purposes and for different types of trash.

For instance, you can have one near the front door of your home for any letters and utility bills that you’ve already read, or for getting rid of scraps of paper and magazines, while another trash can could be placed in your kitchen for dealing with food scraps.

To make waste disposal even easier, be sure to line your bins with a garbage bag to keep trash in one piece and allow for easier removal.

  • Holder for cleaning supplies

One thing that doesn’t get enough attention in your home is the cabinet or drawer for your cleaning supplies. In fact, these can fill up fast with all kinds of sprays and bottles, so having a way to organize them is crucial.

Ideally, should have a box, basket, or any kind of storage container or cabinet dedicated for them to make them easier to find.

  • Custom labels

When you have different items stored in identical boxes or containers, it’s important to know which item is stored in which container, which makes labels an important item to have in your home.

The best part about labels is that you can have them in different shapes, types, and sizes, whether it’s rectangular handwritten tags on baskets, chalk markers on jars, or even a dedicated label-maker for your utensil drawers.

The Importance of Warming Up and Cooling Down

Warming up and cooling down is fundamental in any workout. Sadly, many people neglect the importance of these two and immediately start their workouts. There are some who warm up but don’t cool down and there are others who do the opposite. To highlight the importance of these two components more, here are the reasons why you should warm up before and exercise and cool down after.

Why Warm Up?

To increase blood flow

Warming up allows your heart to pump out more blood and improve blood circulation all throughout the body. This encourages blood to flow more effectively towards muscle tissues and gets the muscles ready for any kind of physical activity. In addition, warming up allows oxygenated blood to flow all throughout the body better and helps increase body temperature so that the muscles can adjust to the intensity of the workout easily.

To prepare the heart

Warming up not only lets your heart pump out more blood efficiently, it also prepares the heart to meet the demands on the circulatory system made by physical exercise. When you go from zero to a hundred without having a warm-up, your heart might not be able to efficiently pump out enough blood. Without enough blood circulating around the body, the muscles will also be deprived of energy and fuel. The heart might also have difficulty to adjust to sudden rigorous exercise and that might definitely lead to a dangerous situation for the person.

To prevent injury

Injury prevention is probably one of the most important reasons why you need to warm up. As said earlier, warming up increases your body temperature. This means that your muscles can easily stretch and contract without any risk of injury. Surely, there are some of you who have made the mistake of going to an ActiveSG gym and immediately hit the dumbbell racks only to find that you’re not able to push your muscles to their full potential.

Why Cool Down?

To gradually lower heart rate

Exercising clearly makes your heart beat substantially faster. Having time to cool down allows your heart rate to lower little by little. This is important because when you stop suddenly and your heart rate is still high, you might feel dizzy and you may even faint. So cooling down helps our body regain balance in terms of temperature and heart rate.

To reduce muscle soreness

You typically incorporate a lot of static stretching when cooling down. This is possible in a cool-down and not in a warm-up because your joints and muscles are already warm. When you stretch, you’re helping the muscles flush out any excess waste that would otherwise cause cramping and stiffness if they stayed there. This reduces the likelihood of a muscle getting sore after a workout and also improve muscle flexibility in the long run. 

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