5 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Space in Your HDB Flat

When you’re spring cleaning or just doing a clean-up for your HDB flat, you may realize at one point that you just have too much stuff that you have trouble throwing away, whether it’s furniture that has been in your family forever or something with sentimental value to you.

And with HDB flats in Singapore getting even smaller, every square centimeter of room now comes at a premium.

Fortunately, maximizing breathing room for your small HDB flat doesn’t have to be too stressful. Here are five amazing ideas for getting the most out of your limited space:

1. Utilizing under-the-bed storage

Adding hidden compartments for your bed let you store practically anything you want while keeping the dust off of them at the same time. And because it’s under your bed, it doesn’t have to be an eyesore!

Your under-the-bed compartment doesn’t even have to be strictly for storage – you can modify it to turn it into a sliding table for anything that suits your fancy.

2. The bedside study table

If you’re having trouble looking for a study area but your HDB flat can’t accommodate a desk for you to do so, you can turn your bedside into a makeshift study area simply by adding a shelf or two.

This way, you can use your bed both as a chair for studying, and as a bed if you want to take a break. Who knew studying could feel so comfortable?

3. The flip-out bed

Say goodbye to messy rooms and uncomfortable sleeping bags! This platform bed can work whether you love to have friends staying over or simply want a new way to save space by combining both your bed and your study table.

4. Wall-mounted tables

Dining tables take up a lot of space when they’re not used, so why not just bolt them to the walls?

By having a wall-mounted dining table instead of a regular one, you can utilize more space in your dining area by simply tucking it back, and your home will look a lot neater as a result.

5. Using built-in storage walls

The best way to maximize space is by making it look like you don’t have a lot of stuff, and you can do this by hiding it in the walls.  

While it may seem expensive at first, the end result will definitely be worth it since you can store almost anything, from board games, consoles, and even CDs for your home entertainment system.

The same goes for dedicated storage spaces in your HDB flat: if you have a dedicated floor-to-ceiling area, you can disguise it by using chalkboard paint on panels.

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