5 Reason Why Living Alone is Awesome

If you are—or at least have experienced—living alone, then you know how advantageous it is to live by yourself. Although having an entire sofa and the whole three fridge shelves to yourself isn’t for everyone, if you’re a person who significantly values personal space, there could nothing be better than having a place of your own. Here are a few more reasons why living alone is the coolest part of adulthood.


1.       Less Messy Place

When living alone, you don’t have to deal with a flatmate’s mess—cluttered bathroom, dirty dishes, or unfinished food on the counter. You can be as clean (or as messy) as you like. Of course, this also means that the cleaning is up to you, but hey you can totally tidy up whenever you want to!
2.       Decorate the Space Your Way
When you live by yourself, you can certainly make your place look like how you exactly want it to be. There’s no need to compromise or put up with your flatmate’s terrible decor taste. If you want pink walls or a minimalist themed interior, you can do so freely.
3.       Peace and Quiet
The serenity is perhaps the best thing you can have when living alone. There are so many things you can do with a peaceful and quiet environment. Working from home would be much simpler and you’re guaranteed to get through your work in half the time. Likewise, lazy weekend stay-ins is blissful. You don’t have to listen to flatmates playing music, having friends come over, or doing noisy stuff around the house.


4.       Let Go of True Emotions
You can binge-drink bottles of wine and cry your heart out for whatever reason without judgment. Lost your job? Break-up? Your favourite character in The Walking Dead died? Cry it all out. No one’s around to mock you.
5.       Live Life How You Like It
Being alone in your own place means you can live life your way. There’s no need to adapt to anybody’s timetable. No sharing of bathroom; therefore, no waiting for someone else to finish showering when you’re running late for work. Plus, nobody will complain on how you do things.

Living alone has its advantages and disadvantages. Whether you’re in favour of it or not depends on various factors, including your individual nature. Some people find it scary to be alone, while for others it’s gratifying and solitary. How about you? Which do you prefer—living with people or enjoying solidarity alone in your own space?


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